Finding “Religious America” and “Lighthouse in Loleta”

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On December 30, 2000, D’Arcy Fallon posted this on the bulletin board:

I have desperately been trying to get a copy of Phil Garvin’s “Religious America” series since the commune where I lived was one of the communities featured in the series. Does anybody have ANY idea where I can get/buy/borrow a copy? I’m writing a book about the community where I lived and the segment on Lighthouse in Loleta would help immeasurably. Many thanks…

D’Arcy’s message was forwarded to of WGBH Media Archives and Preservation Center, who sent it on to the Resource Center. Almost immediately D’Arcy was notified by of that department. They had located the program she’d been on a long (and fruitless) search for. She’ll soon have a copy of her own. Thanks, Mary and Vlads.

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  1. Erin Fleming on March 16, 2011 at 6:17 am

    I am also trying to find a copy and would greatly appreciate any help.

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