The Party: FIN

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And so it happened, for about 9 hours on a Saturday, April 4th 2000, that 53 years of WGBHers had the opportunity to reconnect with each other and reaffirm their friendship, their shared history, and their dedication to public broadcasting and enlightened media.



Following the official event, an officially unannounced screening continued into the early evening, showing hilarious in-house spoofs and holiday put-on shows for station insiders.



And later still, at Legal Seafood in Kendall Square, several groups of celebrants finished off the evening with somewhat more intimate gatherings. This is only one of three tables, seen from both ends (we don’t have pictures of the others). It includes, from the left of the left hand photo: Brooks Leffler, Fred Barzyk, Ruth Barzyk, Tom McGrath, (where’s Bobbi McGrath?), Al Kelman, Janice Kelman, Sean Hallock and Gretchen Leffler.


Until 2005, then?

All photos this page: Don Hallock

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