The Party VII

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134. Sean and with old friend Russ Morash.



addresses the crowd with appreciation for his years with the station, and tells the story of how, by asking him to pick up and drive a retired (and ponderously heavy) cyclorama back from to Boston in the trunk of his car during a blizzard, increased Paul’s “traction” and probably saved him from an icy demise.

137. And Paul introduces the crew of ’58 performing their theme song “The Gang That Never Returned.”

138. The crew of 1958 …

139. They are, Vic Washkevich, Bill Heitz, Jean (The Queen) Brady Moscone Jolly, Don Mallinson, Ed Donlon, Bob (The King) Moscone and Stew White.

140. Nancy Mason Hauser, Noah Hauser and Rick Hauser.

141. Bill Haney.

142. Win Lenihan and Julie Diaz.

143. Debra Thorburn Ashton.

144. models a “Crew of ’58” hat.

All photos this page: Jeffrey Dunn; except 137:

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