The Party X

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166. Don Hallock talks about the Reunion Website.

167. Don with the ‘fire relic’ Image Orthicon camera tube (circa 1960) donated by Phil Collyer.

168. Russ Fortier.

169. Ron Della Chiesa, Marilyn Greenstein and Deb Gibbs.

170. Ted Conant with two unidentified friends.

171. On the right, Jack Summerfield.

172. Jack Foley, Tom Sumida, Doug Scott, Sharon Kramer, Gene Mackles and Paul Souza.

173. Mike Ambrosino….

174. …toasts the crowd…

175. …and reminds us of what has made, and continues to make, WGBH such a special place — “…ideas always had merit here.”

All Photos: Jeff Dunn, except 166: Brooks Leffler, 167, 173, 174: Don Hallock

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