The Party XI

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176. The final speaker is Greg Harney who, with his usual sense of humor, reminisces on the history of the (just dedicated) Greg Harney scene dock, and pays tribute to Bill and Anne Haney, the staging area’s new patrons.

178. Frank Coakley and Joe (?). Will Joe please make himself known?

179. Jeanne Irwin, Ellie Cabot, Patti Polisar, Emily Lovering and Graham Walker.

180. Anne Damon, Janet McFadden, Paul Solman and Julia Eddy.

181. Anne Speakerman with Sharon Kramer Loew.

182. Louise Daniels-Miller with Marilyn Greenstein.

183. Deb Gibbs and Raquel Ortiz.

184. Eleanor Jewett and Ashton Peery.

185. Bill Charrette and Bob Wilson.

186. Randy Gray, Jane Pikor, and Ron Milton.

All photos: Jeff Dunn, except 176, 177: Don Hallock

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