The Party XIV

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205. David Atwood and Bruce Bordett.

206. David Atwood shares an affectionate moment with Olivia Tappan.

207. Well….two moments.

208. Yet another shot of Peter Hoving and Chris Sarson. (Do they get residuals on these?)

209. John Henning.

210. John Henning again, POV.

211. John “Rocky” Coe and Faith Nachman Klein.

212. Gene Mackles, John Carver and Paul Solman.

213. Thea Chalow and John McKnight.

214. John Kerr, unknown, Kristi Moore and Nancy England.

215. Frank Lane, Jane Pikor and Benny Krol.

All photos this page: Jeffrey Dunn.


  1. Bruce Hofstetter on July 19, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    My name is Bruce Hofstetter. I was researching some things for puppetry & came across your photos of a classmate of mine back in the 1960’s, Thea Chalow. I see she has been very successful at her chosen profession & she is looking great as I have not seen her in almost 50 years. If possible, I would like her to know I am happy for her success & enjoyed the photos of her at “The Party XV”. It brought back a flood of fond memories. In addition it brought back remembrances of her sister, Merle, who, if my well cobwebbed memory banks display, she was/still is a member of the Ninety-Nines. May the best results for her efforts in the best health possible bless her richly. Thank you.

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