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A small group of reunion activists met at WGBH Tuesday evening to discuss ideas for keeping us connected, and plans for future events.

Among those present were Fred Barzyk, Connie White, David Atwood, Amy Meyers, Olivia Tappan, Sharon Rivo, Michael Ambrosino, Al Potter, Peggy McLeod, Moon Nimon, Jo Madden, Mary Ide, Nora Sinclair, Deborah Bates and Emily Lovering.

David Atwood expressed some general sentiments:

“I think … that getting together as we did was one very special time for all of us. Again and again it was recognized that the time we spent at ‘GBH, the bonds we formed there, the lessons we learned, the start in television and life we got, was our school. I have never been to any school reunion, although I graduated twice. So this was my first and this school will probably be the only one I ever reunion with. When I shared this with the group, I was surprised how many had similar experiences and feelings.

“The overwhelming sense of our meeting, plus the feedback we had from colleagues, was that we definitely want to do it again, we want to keep in touch, we didn’t have anywhere enough time to talk, to bond, to catch up, we were surprised by the number and variety of people who showed. We loved seeing each other. We were able to go beyond the painful times, the rejections, the injustices dealt out for whatever reasons under whatever circumstances. We loved being with our contemporaries, and we were deeply grateful to WGBH for having us back.

“We struggled with ways to keep in touch and returned again and again to email and web site. We discussed ‘GBH’s role, in all this. It was stated that Henry [Becton] has a continuing interest in keeping the alumni flame burning so to speak. Some of us who volunteered time leading up to the Reunion made noises about continuing.”

A number of essential questions were considered.

1. Who would maintain the database of alumni? Amy Meyers has volunteered her efforts to take this on.

2. Who would keep the email list? It was suggested that Don Hallock would keep the master email list with a copy on Nora Sinclair’s secretary’s computer. Mass emailings could then be initiated from either location.

3. What about an Alumni Directory? It may be possible for Emily Lovering to assemble an Alumni Directory. It was proposed that an update email be sent out every four months, and that everyone would be encouraged to “stay tuned” through the website.

4. How do we keep in touch? An ongoing question.

5. Should current staffers be encouraged to involve themselves in reunion affairs? The general sentiment was yes, but that the focus of future reunion events should remain on the old-timers (those from as far back as the ’40s), possibly loosening up to include those from the ’80s next time. Of course any possible lines between who is and who isn’t an alum are difficult to draw in practical terms, therefore absolutely anyone who wishes to participate will be happily included. An update on the website will be posted in the internal newsletter, QuickNooz.

David Atwood again: “The meeting ended looking at tons of happy snaps done by Jeff Dunn (many many years a ‘GBH freelance photog and attendee). How to we distribute those? In fact, how do we tell who is in them? Connie White and Amy Meyers were reading name tags with a Loupe.”

Editor’s note: Identifying everyone in the hundreds of reunion photos which have been supplied by several sources will be a very demanding job. Overwhelming even. We will make every effort to do so, but some slip-ups and unintentional omissions will be unavoidable. So, as we expand the event coverage pages, please help where you can (all photos will be sequentially numbered, and email links will be supplied on each page so that information can be jotted down and sent back to the “mother ship”). And most important, if you find your name missing or misspelled, please speak up, but don’t be offended.

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