Class of ’58 Continues Their Reunion Tradition

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After 45 years, I wonder why we keep this up, but I wouldn’t miss it. Amazing how friendships that are not refreshed regularly keep renewing themselves.

This could really be called Mooshine in Vermont. We had a great time at the Donlon’s. Ed actually owns this 1947 tractor and it works (unlike some of us).

From left: Ed Donlon, Jean Brady Jolly, Don Mallinson, Stu White,Vic Washkevich. (Paul Noble couldn't make it.)

“Here’s the kitchen help. The Donlon house is a work in progress, as you can see by the color of the wall. Hope nobody called the health department. Oh, what thehell. Vodka kills everything anyhow.

From left: Don, Jean, Ed, Vic, Stu

“It’s amazing that we always have a good time seeing each other only about every two years, but the thread of conversation is picked up at once and it’s like being with family. Amazing, and nice.

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