A Time to Dance (1959)

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From Brooks Leffler

Script Conference, A Time to Dance, 1959.

Left to right: Paul Noble, AD; Jac Venza, Producer; Martha Meyers, host; and Greg Harney, Director.

This was the first of Jac’s very long list of arts programs for public television.

From Al Kelman

This certainly looks like a collection of dangerous misfits.

Actually, it is the ‘Fearless’ camera crew from "A Time to Dance," with the star of one of the programs, Geoffrey Holder.

The crew consists of Al Kelman (standing, crane), Tom McGrath (seated, dolly) and Don Hallock (camera).

From Brooks Leffler

Jose Limon on the first show of ATTD, with Don Hallock and Al Kellman.

Sue Dietrich fixes the costume of one of Herb Ross’s dancers.

From Brooks Leffler (courtesy Paul Noble)

Maria Tallchief and Andre Eglevsky

Nora Kaye and Hugh Laing

From Brooks Leffler

It’s that bunch again….looking "straight" this time (perhaps it wasn’t a ‘morning after’).

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