Development Memories (1970s-80s)

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From Lo Hartnett

This is the Development Department in the spring of 1979 taken in the palacial offices of the 110 Western Avenue garage.

The mad money-raisers are:

Standing – Susan Ballough, Nancy England, Katie (Murphy) Fisher, Jo Madden, John D. Carver, Debby (Thorburn) Ashton, Sam Tyler, Michael Newton.

On the desk – Lo Hartnett, Barry Forbes.

Sitting (floor) – Marilyn Bernardo (she started in the 50’s with Helen Fox), Linda Wege, Hugh Colliton, Sandra (Scott) Tyler, Luvenia Green, Mary White, Cindy (O’Connor) Madden.

A few of us are still fund raising in Public TV land.

"The Fun-d Raising Ladies" (circa summer 1999)

All (but Candy) worked in Development, most in the 70-80’s. There are five former Development Directors (present day title) in this photo.

Standing – Kay Twomey, Sally Foskett, Helen O’Malley, Jeanne Brodeur, Wendy Davidson, Marilyn Bernardo, Nancy England, Amy Meyers, Jo Madden.

Seated – Cindy (O’Connor) Madden, Mary Meadows, Helen Fox, Lo Hartnett, Candy Cutler.

Helen Fox (Foxy) and Marilyn Bernardo started in late 50’s. Marilyn retired in the mid 80’s. Kay Twomey is a 20+yr volunteer. Helen O’Malley introduced computer technologies and established the WGBH contributor database iin 60/70’s. Mary Meadows is the only one still at GBH.

Here’s John D. Carver, Development Department, Underwriting (circa 1980s).

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