Discovery (1955-56)

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Don Hallock: Thanks to “Rocky” Coe’s persistence in weeding through his collections of old slides, here are some of the best images we have from the first year or two in at 84 Massachusetts Avenue.

We believe they’re from ‘s 1955-56 season, and seem to revolve around pine trees. A Christmas show, perhaps?

Mary Lela Grimes (Sherburne) appears in them all, as well as Rocky Coe himself and Bob Moscone.

Mary Lela and Rocky Coe conspire.

That’s on the ladder.

“Water World” —

Don Hallock: We strongly suspect the cameraman at the left wearing glasses to be David Dunlap. Dave was a scholar and a talented camera operator, who died tragically shortly after leaving WGBH.

“Water World” — at easel (Nov. 11, 1955)

“Life in a Bog” —

“Life in a Bog” —

“Life in a Bog” — Charles W. with close up lens

“Life in a Bog” — Charles W. with close up of plant

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