Mysteries from the Archives (1950s)

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From the WGBH Archives

Brooks Leffler offers these clues.

"The three guys include John Sunier, who worked for WGBH-FM and maybe was Barzyk’s roommate towards the end of our year.

"Al Reese is wearing Bermudas & knee socks. He was a droll West Virginian going for his masters in Journalism. Very funny guy. (I once found an article about strange pets. One of those cited was a vulture. Al thought that was the greatest idea he’d ever heard of. ‘They’d be easy to care for, too,’ he said. ‘All you’d need to do is go to Stop-n-Shop for a week’s supply of carrion.’ When one would remark on good weather, he would say, ‘Yes, a great day to walk your vulture.’)

"Don’t know who the third guy is; he has some similarity to Larry White, but looks too old and I don’t remember Larry ever wearing a cap.

"Location? Maybe Baker House party room? Those drapes in the background look as though they might cover my favorite escape route out the window."

Here’s another one: The snow boobs grace the front door of Barzyk’s hovel in Rat Alley, I’d wager.

Can anyone confirm, deny or amplify?

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