The Secrets of Simulcasting (1970s)

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From Joe Pugliesi

WGBH in the old days must have been a marvelous place. I came in 1974 at the tail end of those glory days as a master control engineer (picture attached), hired by Fran Abramowicz (circa 1962-1977). I had watched your work as an adolescent and marveled at the production quality, frequently saying to myself “How did they do that?” I enjoy the history of this place.

Among other equipment, I’ve maintained the old quad videotape machines for about 25 years, since 1981. I’ve inherited and scrounged much of the old documentation from the likes of John LaBounty (1952-1991) and Dave Hutton, aka Michigan Fats, (circa 1967-1981). The Ampex note was in Huttons’ stuff, as he was pictured and was a great fan of engineering director Tom Keller (circa 1962-1979).

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