Frontline executive editor Lou Wiley to retire

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Hello Frontliners and Frontline/Worlders –

Uncle Lou (that would be me) has some news. I have decided to ease into retirement and reinvent myself.

Beginning September 1, I will be working half-time, and on Jaunuary 1, 2008, I will become a consultant on call or as David likes to say “of counsel” to Frontline and WGBH.

It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway: you are the best! The commitment and dedication and professionalism of Frontliners and Frontline/Worlders is legendary, and I am proud to have been been an official player on TEAM Frontline for 18 of its 25 year history.

There will be plenty of time to say “sort of” goodbye in the fall. For now it’s full steam ahead to vacationland and then our 25th year! Louis

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