This Old House at 30: Tackling a tough project

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From the Boston Globe

‘This Old House’ marks 30th season by fighting back against housing crisis

Messiah Franklin walks to work along Woodbine Street in Roxbury, past foreclosed and boarded up homes, and by signs that read “private property” and “beware of dog.” But as he reaches the end of the street, he is overwhelmed by a sense of purpose.

Franklin, 20, says he is inspired by the sight of workers and a camera crew buzzing around a formerly abandoned two-family home that is being restored by the Public Broadcasting Service program “This Old House.” …

Celebrating the show’s 30th season, producers of Boston-based “This Old House’’ are returning to the show’s roots with the Woodbine Street house. Episodes featuring the makeover will start airing in Boston in February. The site of the project is only a few blocks away from the Dorchester location of the first house targeted by the TV show, which has won 17 Emmy Awards and spawned a long line of renovation-themed programs, a magazine, books, and a popular website.


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