June Judson, 81, actress-director

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Many actors and playwrights who started in Boston’s theater community in the 1980s and ’90s shared June Judson as a mentor.

She was a gifted nurturer of new talent and theatrical works, most notably through Theatre-in-Process, a laboratory-workshop she founded in the early 1980s to give emerging playwrights a place to stage readings and receive audience feedback….

Mrs. Judson’s initial roles were in community theater in Lincoln and Concord, the Poets Theatre in Cambridge, and two appearances on the WGBH-TV show “The Shakespearean Imagination.’’ She turned professional when she joined the Charles Playhouse and the Tufts Arena Theatre for productions in the summers of 1959 and 1960….

After returning to Boston in 1966, Mrs. Judson worked for the Theatre Company of Boston and was selected to work for WGBH, acting and directing for a year as part of a new radio drama repertory company….

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