The making of “The Journey”

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Don’t you love all those little extras you get on your DVD movies? You know, the directors cut, production credits, and especially “The Making of…..”. Well, we did one too for our little drama “The Journey.” Take a look at this tongue in cheek docu of how we put this whole thing together with volunteers. This was done by Dan LeBlanc and host, Mike Larkin. Some people like this video better than the drama. What do you think?

A behind the scenes look at the creation of a Fred Barzyk original drama. This drama was created at a local public access station in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, using an all volunteer crew and unknown local actors. Fred is a retired producer for WGBH in Boston with many credits to his name during his 50 year career. Here’s my tongue in cheek creation on what really happened….

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