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Calling all WGBH alumni!  Auction needs you!

Do you have a fun story about working with ‘GBH?  Perhaps you remember a hilarious gaffe from a live broadcast, or a mishap on a field shoot, or an interaction that still makes you smile?

If you do, then I would love to talk with you!  This is my third season producing WGBH Auction Showcases — a series of six half-hour television episodes that highlight items up for bid.  We have some great talent hosting each episode, and would love to be able to include 30–45 sec clips starring WGBH alumni with great anecdotes to share.

If you are interested, we would do a shoot with you over the next several weeks on one of the sound stages at One Guest Street. We are looking for stories that can be told in 30 –45 seconds and have some kind of still photos or video images to accompany them.

Interested?  Please contact me.

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