Larry Heileman, 66, public broadcasting fundraiser

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The WGBH Alumni wish to express our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Larry Heileman, who passed on August 17, 2011, at the age of 66.

Larry was a fundraiser for for over 20 years. We would like to reassure the Heileman family and all of community that the work Larry has done to support and nurture WGBH and will not be forgotten.

Larry tirelessly gave of his time and made a substantial impact on the industry through his work at WGBH, Development, and as Director of Membership at WHYY. He made major contributions as mentor in the PBS Membership Academy and as an researcher for TV Pledge Programs.

Larry was best known for his sense of humor, research approach and strong belief in the mission of public broadcasting. He made a substantial impact on public television industry through his pursuit of innovative fundraising techniques and his willingness to share his expertise and knowledge with all his colleagues through out the system. Larry never hesitated to test and evaluate new fundraising ideas and thoroughly enjoyed calling his colleagues about his latest fundraising results or dropping into your office to give you a new idea.

Larry can never be replaced, but his work ethic and commitment to he loved so much will carry on through those who worked side by side with him. Larry will always be in our heart.

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