NHPTV partners with WGBH, breaks with UNH

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New Hampshire Public Television is contracting some business services out to Boston’s WGBH, but says its independence and local focus will remain. …

As of July 1, WGBH took over some accounting functions that were previously done in-house, Lessner said. She said the people handling those functions found other employment.

“Because we are similar businesses, it makes sense to use their services for that,” [manager of communications Grace] Lessner said.

Effective the same date, NHPTV is no longer a wholly owned subsidiary of the University System of New Hampshire, but an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. …

She said neighboring public televisions have common behind-the-scenes functions, including underwriting, membership departments, engineering and master control, and broadcasting.

“We are looking at ways to collaborate so we can take advantage of that overlap and are not duplicating efforts,” Lessner said. “So those conversations are still underway.”

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