Cast members of WGBH’s original ZOOM show (1972-1980) met recently with series creator Christopher Sarson in Marshfield MA for an evening of stories, music and lobsters (paid for by viewers like you).

Despite their current ZOOM Rap subjects like “trips to the doctor,” “mortgage payments,” and “the kids,” the Zoomers still keep in touch and manage to get together now and then.

ZOOM's 40th Reunion Party, August 11, 2012, Marshfield MA

Left to right Nina, Christopher Sarson, Nancy, Tracy, Leon, Ann, Joe and Tommy White.

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I absolutely loved Zoom! The show was such a delight with a sparkling cast of highly talented children. I used to get so excited when the Zoom kids would sing, “Let’s roll out the barrel and find out what’s inside today!” They’d sing this sprightly ditty as the opening to reading viewers’ letters on the air. There was also one Zoom episode where one of the kids was making an ice cream cone snowman.I thought that was so adorable.

hello my name is thomas brown and i am deaf use sign language i enjoyed watch i was 9 to 12 years old that was best year since 1972 to 1974 so, i got dvd with closed captioned but show with english/subtitles i like 1970’s style zoom was real cool and shirt color was cool too!

still support zoom
take care-thomas brown

In 72, I remember an episode where they took a penny, some vinegar and salt, and made the penny look new.

And another when they took a string, put it on top of an ice cube, added salt, and made the string stick to it.

I was also in love with Sesame Street, The Electric Company, SCTV, and Captain Kangaroo.

I was 9 years old in 72 and was madly in love with Nancy and Tracy, especially Nancy. I miss being a little kid, best time of my life.

Loved the show, great memories. Why is it that they just don’t make kids like us 70’s kids anymore (including mine). My favorite episode was when they featured kids making a tree house. That summer my friends and I gathered wood from all over the neighborhood invaded our dads nail supply and built our own tree house. Best summer ever!!!

My favorite zoomer was the Asian girl… I just don’t remember her name.

Bernadette???She did that funny thing with her arms in the intro? I do know that as a young adult she worked at ‘GBH! I met her! Lovely young woman :)

I remember that, I got to look it up and show my little girl.

I was nine years old when season one was on the air in Chicago. I had such a crush on Tommy. I even named my second kitty cat after him. So nice to see this reunion picture of them as “grown-ups”. LOL.

It’s so great to see a picture of the ZOOM cast! As a young child growing African American in Chicago it was great to see a show with kids of all kinds just being kids. It was wonderful all the original ideas that were in the show and how me and my friends lived for new stuff from zoom and tried to get shirts. Nancy was my crush before I had a crush lol. We need more shows like this now without adults messing it up.

I remember Zoom from the 1972-73 season. It used to come on KCET Channel 28, Los Angeles.

Ubbi dubbi. Come on and Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! I still remember a cartoon sketch when kids went Trick Or Treating. They knocked on the door an a witch appeared. The kids said ” Eeeeek!” “A witch!” The witch began laughing like a maniac and dragged the kids inside and slammed the door. The end.

How incredibly fun to see this! I was the Contributions Editor (selected all the segments to do on the air from our thousands of letters from kids). I loved working with the Zoom kids in the studio to do these segments for the viewing audience. It was an ingenious idea that Chris Sarson cane up with— to use TV to get kids active and creative! Glad you had a reunion wish I had known about it!

Definitely had a crush on Tracy, but Ann wasn’t far behind. The slightly dark studio and the kids in socks were surreal but it all somehow worked. Other children’s shows had perfect looking kids and bright lights, the zoomers were kids everyone could relate to.

This was my favorite show, growing up in Brooklyn NY. The kids were great/relatable, the songs, videos, activities, etc. I loved it all. (Getting mail back from the show when you wrote was also amazing.)

Hubi, frubends. (Sorry, had to do it). Just wanted to say that this show was so important for me when I was a kid in the seventies. I grew up in a very small, very white, town in New Hampshire. The word diversity was not even in my vocabulary… until the sixth grade. That year I got not only my first Male teacher, but he was the first Jewish person I ever knew. At Christmas time that year he told my class that Christmas was not his holiday, but if we wanted to give him a gift, it had to… Read more »

any body know what happened to luiz?

I vaguely recall hearing long back that he returned home. He was Dominican.

I had a big crush on Tommy.. the sparkly eyes and cute nose, ha ha. Nina was so cool; I admired her greatly even as a kid. The imagination was delightful, not at all pedantic.

We need a reunion and updates on all zoomers .I used to live for that show. Any zoomers out there in this group?

are there any ore reunions ? would love to keep in view of how you’re still doing.

I grew up loving this show! I’m 54 now and still remember “Write Zoom, z double o m box 350, Boston, Mass 02134! Send it to Zoom!” Also, learned what a SASE was (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) and collected my Zoom cards for years! Donna was my favorite!

YES! Loved it as well! There was a little blonde girl named Edith in Season 3, I believe….I wonder where she is now……I wish there were more shows like this for kids today!

Many years ago, while shopping at the Burlington Mall, a woman approached me and said that she remembered me from WGBH. That woman turned out to be Edith from Zoom. As best that I can remember, she was happy and doing well.

Nina is still a beauty! One of my first crushes! :)

Nina was the coolest person to me then.

I loved that show Zoom as kid. I knew one cast member, his nickname was Red, but his real name is name was David O’Brian. What he been up to since the show? You guys look great. Sincerely, Maria Saia Martin

David is married and lives in Lynchburg, Virginia. He is a pastor at Blue Ridge Community Church ( and ministry leader of Celebrate Recovery. We have 4 children & 5 grandchildren.
He is an awesome husband & loves the Lord!

I remember Zoom from my childhood and looking it up now to show my 14 yr old son. I was surprised to see it look so different from what I remembered (which was all-black leotards).

Great to hear!

I lived for Zoom. It aired during a very different time, the early to mid 70s, when a cultural shift was taking place. Moms started to go back to work, families were splitting up, and the innocence of the 60s was disappearing. For so many of us, Zoom was the ultimate escape for urban kids whose lives weren’t the way life was depicted on the Brady Bunch, and Zoom had a cast of kids who weren’t California perfect, and somehow made us feel like we were fine just the way we were. Watching the reruns, there is a bit of… Read more »

Wow! I loved ZOOM, the original cast was my age. It was a great break from daily afternoon sitcoms and reruns. It was creative and made me ponder things as I sat and polished off several bowls of cold cereal. Kids living in an eastern city, a bigger city, not much different than myself and the kids in po dunk Puyallup.

Are any zoomers in this discussion?

How bout a complete box set with a scrapbook? I have the one put out about ten yrs ago with clips and a small book. The fans would love the whole ball of wax! Zoom represents my childhood!

Great suggestion! I’d buy it.

Write zoom…z oo m…box 350 Boston,mass02134!!! Cant believe I found this

Wow!!! It’s GREAT to see this cast photo. I hope PBS does a ZOOM Reunion Special featuring the casts of the 70’s. I had a crush on NANCY – I thought she was soooo talented. Plus she had a great precocious personality. God bless them all. I’d like to know what happened to Luis and Andrae who were members of two different casts. THANK YOU FOR THIS PIC!!

I do the arm thing too, and my kids hate it so I do it more! I loved that show as a kid. Come on and zoom zoom zooma zoom :)

Wow! I watched Zoom on PBS ch13 in Dallas. I loved the show. I had such a crush on Tracy. I was so angry when she was no longer on the show that I wrote an angry letter to the show, but I don’t think I mailed it. That is what I remember the most. However, reading these other posts brings back other cool memories. Enjoyed the reunion picture! Tracy is still cute.

It’s so good to see you all. I grew up watching Zoom. Being a black kid growing up in New Jersey, it was nice to see Nancy and Kenny and Leon, and everyone together having fun. I also had a crush on Nancy, I also wanted to wish Nancy a happy birthday ❤ on July 20th but I didn’t know where, so I’ll do it now, this is a great photo. God bless you all and thanks for the memories.

Hi. I was soo in Love with Nancy when I was little, watching the show. It’s really good seeing Nancy again. I can see that it looks like you’re using a cane now. Good to see you Nancy. Cane & all. Thank for posting your picture. You’ve put a smile on my face.

My favorite was Andrea. Loved Zoom.

I totally loved this show growing up ! My favorites were Nancy and Jay . Thanks for posting this picture

Wasn’t there an Ethyl on Zoom?

I loved this show growing up in the suburbs of Boston. With my two sisters and our friends we would reenact the shows and we each got to be our favorite character. Of the girls, we all fought over being Ann. Great memories!

I would like to hear from this amazing 40 reunion of they are the best television history.

I grew up watching zoom in the 70’s and it was my most favorite kids show!
Did you know they had different kids for each season?
I sent a picture I drew, but they never shown it on TV.

I really liked this this show. As a kid from small town Arkansas, I really related to the kids on this program.

This is definitely a show that needs to be released on video. Not just the “best of”. But the whole series needs to be brought back. The remake just doesn’t hold a candle and lacks the charm of the original. Just find out who holds the license and bombard them with requests.

I agree totally! Why are they not releasing the complete episodes? Its probably either for legal reasons, or god forbid, they recorded over the original video tapes (they used to do that back then to save money). Bring back Zoom!

Zoomer not sooner…

Hi…what a nice photo…Tracy certainly was my favorite sooner too…Leon I didn’t know (2years older) but he was kinda kewl..went to my school…in Dover, what I wanna know is how come of all these local Boston kids not even a single kid…has that Boston dialect?

Oh, but some did. Tommy, David, and Maura all had great Boston accents, and Nancy had a bit of one. (I directed the first three seasons.)

Hey James! How goes it with you?

Just fine. I spend a lot of time in Europe. Still playing bluegrass. How’s by you?

Living on Nantucket. Local theater and some video
L.LeCain@ Gmail

Hey James, I was a huge Zoomer during the first 3 or 4 seasons. I am also a fan of your work on Zoom. What memories can you share regarding the production of the shows. How much input did the cast members have regarding the content of the shows, songs. Etc. Were the kids easy to work with? How about their parents? Was it true that the parents signed very long contracts preventing their children from performing on other shows? Thankx!!!

EVERY boy in my class had a crush on Nancy!

“Dot dot dot . . . and it ended in May.”

it began in march & it ended in may, i remember the hour & i remember the day, i remember how long it’s been since he went away, so Lord please bring him back to me, today, right away…

“The city is the grossest place, ii’d rather live in outer space!”

Twinkle twihihihihinkle – little little cat …how, oh how i wonder just where you are at….

Where is Bernadette? She was my favorite. I was so proud when I learned to do the arm-fan-thingy, like she did in the opening credits. Lol.

They had different kids for the different seasons of Zoom. So the girl you mentioned was probably from a different season.

I do that arm thing ! Didn’t think anyone remembered! Haha

Bernadette was my favorite. I also loved when she did the arm thingy during the intro.

I’d like to see a full fledged reunion. Maybe WGBH could also do a scrapbook. Would be nice if all ZOOM alumni would participate.

I grew up watching this show in the 70″s glad everyone’s well!

My husband David O’Brien was “Red” on Zoom in the 70’s. I would LOVE to be able to connect him with his cast mates. Can you help?

Try Christopher

Oh My God, I can’t express in words the joy and happiness that came flooding through when I found this photo. I was Googling where are you guys now. I loved, loved, loved Nancy. My other favorites Leon, Joe…well, truly all of you. The Cat Came Back, my favorite. Bring back my childhood, please! I am just smiling. Where is Bernadette?

An absolutely wonderful time in my preteen/teen years. I wouldn’t eat dinner or be disturbed when that show was on! Best friend gave me a “Zoom Back to the 70’s” dvd for my 53rd b-day. Best gift EVER! And, all the best to the cast members!

What a great photo! I’m a singer songwriter Currently recording an album But way back in 72, 73 I was still just a boy & just starting to write songs And boy did I have a thing for Tracy I used to be glued to the set I wrote one of my 1st songs about that Little girl a song called Tracy It was about how I thought it was our destiny to meet And be together Kind of hallarious What a lonely little kid Can talk himself into She does look kind of the same Nice to see Nina,… Read more »

Ok, I will admit that Tracy was my favorite Zoomer, although I loved them all. I even went so far as to name a beloved pet after her. A little yellow duckling that I got one Easter. She grew into a beautiful and elegant white duck that lived long past her life expectancy.


I am a Canadian who absolutely loved Zoom and watched it religiously each week on PBS Detroit.
It is so nice to see that 40+ years later, you are all still looking fantastic!!!
Thank you so much for posting, Tommy…what great memories this one photo conjured up for me!!!!

OMG!!!! That’s my generation. My brothers and I grew up watching Zoom. Good memories of my childhood….

I just discovered and watched the old Zoom opening and closing songs on YouTube and remembered every word and every cast member, can’t believe it, I loved that show! Thanks for the memories :-)