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The creative act of approaching and swinging an axe at a well known religious symbol, cutting away an instant before the strike has stayed with me all these years.
The mind creates the sound of the axe bite even as the screen went blank.

Generous, competent people help others to change the world.

That describes you too Michael… and change the PBS world you did through the creation of “NOVA”. I should know as I was honored to be your Production Secretary at it’s birth.

Ahoy Steve, This is pretty much a thank you note and a few rambling from this aging but still agile mind of 80 years. Fond memories and thanks for your kind emotional support when I left GBH to get Nosotros up and running, Boston’s first weekly TV series in Spanish. I was saddened that my “supervisor,” John Irving, was not at all interested in my doing a bit of research and grant writing to get something going. Boston had no television programs in the Spanish language at that time; nada. The 21 Inch Classroom and WBZ did consider it a… Read more »

How odd! I was thinking of you the other day when I heard an NPR interview with Fay Wray’s daughter and remembered our meeting her along with the son of President Cleveland at The Barnstormer Theater in Tamworth, NH.


I have fond memories of you approaching the alter of that church in Newton with an axe. Multiply and Subde aired 50 years ago and I think helped launch the first Earth Day in 1970.

Hope all is well,


To Steve Gilford: Out of one’s aging mind float the ghosts from the past. It causes me to wonder where the many roads that life has taken us did those individuals eventually travel.