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Alex Pirie

Yes! Eliot Norton’s guests were often a hand full. I remember being the producer trainee assigned to the show, I think Sharon Pucker might have been the producer/director. On one occasion my task was to find out what had happened to Eartha Kitt who hadn’t arrived at the scheduled time. I raced over to her hotel on Commonwealth Ave. and they said “oh, she’s out walking her dogs.” Walking her dogs? I raced up the divider and found her and her two little dogs and convinced her that I could be trusted to supervise their needs (the sacrifices one makes)… Read more »

Steve Gilford

I do understand what a pain Brendan Behan could be. Before we came to WGBH, Rosemary McDonald and I were at The Living Theatre in New York. A repertory company led by Judith Malina and Julian Beck, one of our plays was a big hit running for five years, The Connection. First it drew an avante garde type audience and then it went mainstream drawing Broadway theatergoers and a lot of celebrities. Rosemary, House Manager, was standing at the door leading from the lobby into the theater when Brendan Behan, smoking a large cigar tried to walk past. She told… Read more »


This is a wonderful, funny remembrance.

Me? At the bizarre suggestion of Michael Rice, *I* got Muhammad Ali, Joe Namath, and John Havlicek to do promos for The Advocates. (Howard Cosell wouldn’t play.)

Russ Morash did the scripts. It appears they are all lost. ….smile…

Namath spat tobacco through most of his and wanted to know if I “wanted an autograph…..” Nope. Yuck.

Ali’s was brilliant: “The Advocates. The PBS Fight of the Week. It’s good training for your mind….”

Whatever, whatever happened to Sylvia Davis? …Susan