Fred Barzyk retires from posting Globe articles

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Fred Barzyk (2007)

Having reached the ripe old age of 87, I think it is time for someone else to pursue articles in the Boston Globe about GBH. I have done it since 2001 and was happ  to do it. But now we need someone to step up and fill in the slot.
Please let Christine know if you can help. It would be most helpful if you had a digital subscription. We would like you to copy it and send the article to Christine. It usually has pictures and other material not seen in the print version.
I have now turned my attention to adding more videos to my video archive.  You can access it by using the link,
Happy Summer!!!


  1. Monia Joblin on May 30, 2024 at 6:16 pm

    Yours are legendary shoes, difficult to fill.

  2. Dave DeBarger on May 30, 2024 at 4:07 pm

    Thanks for all you do ( and have done!) Fred! Good luck with your next assignment!
    — Dave DeBarger

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