New Book by Mark Duffield

As I Recall front cover

Mark Duffield, former WGBH Director of Business Development for the Local Corporate Development Department has written his third book.

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Fred Barzyk’s Snapshots: Scene 2


I was asked to produce and direct a program for college kids during the summer of 1967. The show featured a young Englishman who was lecturing at Tufts University. His name was David Silver and he looked a lot like Mick Jagger.

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Sam Tyler’s new film on Kickstarter

Sam Tyler

California’s eight Channel Islands lie west of what is traditionally regarded as America’s frontier. Yet, their story, including that of the oldest known site of human habitation in all of North America, is virtually unknown.

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Fred Barzyk Aims to Kickstart Drama

11bBarzyk1313-404x300 (1)

From Current: Director Fred Barzyk began his career at Boston’s WGBH, experimenting with television and the emerging form of video. Now, the director is preparing to produce the final short film of his drama trilogy on death.

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Topper’s Bar


From Jeff Hutchins: Around 1977, I wrote a song inspired by Topper Carew, the dyamic producer of “Say Brother” among other accomplishments.

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A Boy from Milwaukee

Fred & Barb

From Fred Barzyk: My Mom had this vision for me. She thought it would be wonderful if I could be in show business… I announced that I would become a piano player! Only problem was we didn’t have a piano.

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The making of “The Journey”


From Fred Barzyk: Don’t you love all those little extras you get on your DVD movies? You know, the directors cut, production credits, and especially “The Making of…..”. Well, we did one too for our little drama “The Journey.”

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Watch Fred Barzyk’s drama, The Journey


From Fred Barzyk: The little drama you are about to see was my attempt to take 20 volunteers, some in their 60’s and 70’s, and mold them into a movie crew. So, here it is. The Journey.

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Fred Barzyk premieres new drama


Fred wrote, directed, and produced “The Journey” to see if it was possible to make a full length television drama at a public access station with an all volunteer cast and crew.

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