Jay Collier

Portrait 2023 09bI started at ‘GBH as a Boston University student, first as a news assistant for the Ten O’Clock News and, for the next four years, I worked in production and post-production for series and specials shot on video, including Evening at Pops (in Symphony Hall, on the Esplanade, and from the Lincoln Memorial), Elliot Norton Reviews (his last seasons), This Old House (early seasons), The Victory Garden, Tom Rush Live at Symphony Hall, Masterpiece Theater, Mystery!, American Playhouse,¬†Two Gentlemen Folk, and others.

I then moved into post-production, first as a news editor, then as a promotion editor, where I assembled program promos.

After leaving WGBH, I produced national promos at PBS in Alexandria, promoted local and national programs at Vermont PBS (then ETV), and served as the first executive director for an educational cable channel in Burlington, Vermont. I was drawn to higher education full-time and worked at MIT, Dartmouth, and Bates in online communications. I have consulted in K-12 and higher education communications and program development for Harvard Law, the Maine Department of Education, Educate Maine, and the University of New England.

Fred Barzyk and David Atwood (2007)

I was honored when Don Hallock accepted my offer to publish this Web site, and I’m pleased to be able to expand it to allow more opportunities for participation. I’d like to thank, especially, Fred Barzyk and David Atwood for their guidance and support over the past years.

Each generation of WGBH staff stands on the shoulders of those who came before, and I have learned a lot from this creative bunch who put WGBH on the map.

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