Lo Hartnett

  • Director of Development, WGBH, 1972-1985
  • Director of Development, WGBY, 1994-1999

From the PBS Development Conference10/2007

I caught up with yesterday to talk about how she works with stations now and her thoughts on being honored Wednesday night with a surprise award from the DAC for .

Lo has been in the system for thirty-five years, and now works with the Vegas and the UNC stations helping to guide and grow their membership and major gifts.

“When you look around this group, we share the same fire,” she smiles; “the story I told last night (at the awards ceremony) really has stayed with me.”

From Daren Winckel

Daren was Director of Annual Giving at WGBH & WGBY in 2007. Rick Lore, Director of On Air Fundraising, wrote this tribute.

There was much discussion amongst the D-A-C this year about some of the great contributors to this industry who, in terms of formal recognition, might have fallen through the cracks.

Specifically, those colleagues who began their public television career at a station or stations – amassed a body of great work, and then moved on to other endeavors… still serving the system, but not as a station employee.

In all our discussions about these pioneers, one name kept coming up… While it will be up to future Development Advisory Committees to decide if annual recognition is in order, the 2007 DAC proudly bestows a Lifetime Achievement Award..

Our honoree is a mentor, cheerleader, consultant, leader… and while viewed as a traditionalist with relentless reminders that sound fundamentals are keys to success, is somehow, simultaneously, always, one of the major innovators in the system.

Over the years, our recipient has helped raise more than one hundred million dollars for public television and has been a part of 20 plus Development Awards ~ nearly half of those Awards for Excellence ~ at a multiple stations across the country.

A participant in the very first national “Pledge Festival” in 1975 ~ you'll notice two “OTD” ribbons – our recipients nearly kinetic energy is legendary and her enthusiasm contagious. Whether pushing a station's development staff towards excellence or working the hallways and sessions at conferences like this one, her passion and commitment to the guiding principles that drive the system's most successful development programs is endless, and legendary.

Please join the DAC in honoring Lo Hartnett.


  1. Kathy pelkowsk on December 15, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    Was Lo Hartnett ever a teacher? Thank you. Kathy Pelkowski

    • Lo Hartnett on January 27, 2022 at 5:20 am

      No. Although over the decades consulting to stations, guess you could say I’ve trained or taught many budding fundraisers. So rewarding. Thanks for asking. Lo.

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