From Don Hallock

At the outset we’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the caring support and hard work which made the Reunion Celebration possible.

Our deep gratitude goes out to:

  • Fred Barzyk
  • Ann Albrecht
  • Michael Ambrosino
  • David Atwood
  • Mary Ide
  • Emily Lovering
  • Peg MacDonald
  • Peggy MacLeod
  • Amy Meyers
  • Moon Nimon
  • Nora Sinclair

Thanks also to the Studio Staff, Volunteers, and those in Archives, the Art Department, Engineering and Physical Plant, whose contributions were essential to the impressive success of the event.

Thanks, also to Jeffrey Dunn who gave of his time and expertise to supply us with an exhaustive photographic record of the entire Reunion event and of those who attended.

And our sincerest appreciation to Henry Becton for being willing to commit an impressive array of WGBH resources to the Reunion project.

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