From Austin Hoyt

“With WGBH as big as it is today, it is hard to maintain a sense of community. The reunion did it. Wow! Thirty-five years of my life flashed back in multiple mirrors.”

From Deedee Morss Decker

“…Such a fantastic reunion weekend. It met my expectations 10-fold. So many people, and some good friends I’ve not seen in over 30 years. Bravo! … I don’t know if I can wait another five years to see so many wonderful friends again. The reunion was so very special and I have since kept up with several people whom I hadn’t communicated with in over 30 years.”

From Bill Hilliker

“What a grand gathering! I have seen one or two people a few times over the years, but most I had not seen for 36 years. Some had hardly changed, some looked very different, but it felt so good…to see everyone and to make some new acquaintances.”

From Al Potter

“The Reunion was wonderful, wasn’t it. … I wasn’t aware until the reunion what affection I held for the many, many people I worked with at WGBH for the twenty-plus years I was there. It truly did become a family, and I don’t think I realized how much of a family until our get-together. Since the reunion weekend, I have had one flashback after another of situations, occurrences and events that happened during all those years. Reunion weekend has become one of the most memorable events of my life. It was great!”

From Dan Beach

“The reunion was wonderful. To be able to come back to the stories, the friends, the news and the pride that . . . has returned, is rich indeed. This reunion was a win-win-win situation. I look forward to 2005 (or whenever).”

From Olivia Tappan

“The reunion was breathtaking and I am still filled with emotion, thinking about it. I only regret that there wasn’t more time to spend one on one … there were so many there and so much to revisit.”

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