Reunion 2015 Guestbook (by date)

RSVPs received as of April 30, 2015 – In order of receipt

Most recent RSVPs are at the bottom, just before the comments.

Timestamp Your first name Your last name Years at WGBH Will you attend? Your comments Departments/shows/roles
9/7/2014 12:22:05 David Atwood numerous Yes Cameraman, Director
9/7/2014 21:19:21 Jack Caldwell 1966-1971* Yes Yes, we “old-timers” will enjoy sharing “what we did,” but those that followed will benefit from knowing “what we did.” I encourage a forum for the younger staff and current staff to have access to some stories of the heritage that created the “platform” they now enjoy. History counts. Passion counts. The absence of a fear to fail “counts.” Really, we never imagined that we would fail. I owe so much to those who preceded me…and ever so much to the encouragement and vision of Hartford Gunn, Bob Larsen, David Ives and the incredibly capable and adventuresome staff at WGBH and WGBY. Can’t wait to meet in May! 1966 — From VP of Distribution for NET in Ann Arbor, recruited by Hartford Gunn to work with Ted Conant and Jim Kelly to create and run WGBX.

1967 — Assigned as temporary Director of Operations while Dave Davis was in Israel consulting on their television development.

1968 — Dave chose not to return to WGBH and my position was no longer temporary.

1969 — Given additional assignment to bring the Springfield public television license into the WGBH “network of stations.”

1969+/- Major involvement in the evolution of bringing stereo sound to TV, the simulcasting of stereo sound, and the emergence of portable video production.

1971 — With license in hand, moved to Amherst where the station was presumably to be located.


9/7/2014 21:28:07 Danielle Klainberg 2002-2006 Maybe Foundation Development
9/7/2014 21:33:49 Glenda Fishman 1979-1992 Yes Controller
Consultant (many departments)
9/7/2014 22:01:25 Sonya Hamlin 1965-68 Yes WGBH was still my favorite place to work, although I went on to commercial television for many years. I still remember all the folks I worked with and admired there.. MEET THE ARTS –creator/host of 15 part series.
Producer- Chris Sarson
Director- Bill Cosel
Assistant– Sirl Silberman
9/7/2014 22:05:09 Dave St.Onge 1966-2009 Yes Looking forward to it Engineering Chief Engineer
9/7/2014 22:26:17 Henry Becton 1970- Yes
9/7/2014 22:45:00 Michael Esty 1975 – 1982 Yes I really dont know if I’ll be remembered. But it sounds like a great time. I know they would remember my brother Chuck. He’s out in New Mexico and I’ll make sure he knows about this nice event.
Security / Reception Operator Front Lobby Building 125 Western Ave
Buildings & Grounds under Jack O’brien / Lew LLoyd
Driver of 2 Mobile for Parades ( Aurther Fiedler )
Carpenter for at Building 419 Western AveWorked for GBH with Secret Service. Presidential Debates Independent Party.
9/7/2014 23:00:31 Charles Scott 1974-1980, 1991-1994, 1996-1997, 1999-2003 Yes Can’t wait Film and Video editing
9/8/2014 6:54:40 Bruce Bordett 1971-1980 Yes Looking forward to seeing everyone. Mail room, crew
9/8/2014 7:27:41 Ron Blau 1963-1964 + freelance and project contract Yes It’s always a pleasure to get together with ‘GBHers! Miscellaneous shows and roles from “Polaris University” to “Fragile Egos” and “Multiply and Subdue the Earth” … ZOOM to NOVA. Producer trainee, then producer, film/Avid editor.
9/8/2014 7:39:11 Candace Cutler 1974-1983 Yes Looking forward to seeing old friends! Assistant to President, David O Ives
9/8/2014 8:19:12 Milan Merhar 1976-2000 Yes Engineering/Videotape/Editing

Julia Child & Company
Victory Garden
Evening at Pops/Evening at Symphony

9/8/2014 8:39:12 Francis Gladstone 1973-1985 Yes Delighted this is happening. I doubt there are contacts I have which you do not have as I was in frequent touch with Michael Ambrosino regarding the 2014 gathering for NOVA which I could not attend. My co-producer colleague on several of the NOVA films, Patrick Griffin, died in 2013. Jo Gladstone (alias Jo Elwyn Jones) my wife and partner on some productions will not be able to attend/ lives in the UK but is prevented from traveling for health reasons. Only person I might be in touch with and you are not is Bill Cran. He should be on Frontline lists. Writer/ director NOVA in the early years/ Strange Sleep, War From the Air, Hitler’s Secret Weapon, Road to Happiness, Woman Rebel, Across the Silence Barrier, What Price Coal? etc… Director of Ephraim McDowell’s Kentucky Ride… Director of series made with National Theater of Deaf called “Festival of Hands”.
9/8/2014 9:12:24 Marilyn Greenstein 1973-1982 and then some Yes Cannot wait for May 2. Worked with Fred Barzyk on his projects…practically the entire time..,Jean Shepherd films, and local programs.
9/8/2014 10:20:00 Paul Noble 1957-1961 Yes Our Scholars ’58 group was instrumental in starting up the reunions, as well as publishing the first in-house (unofficial) house organ “Ille Nove”. (Our history is in Mary Ide’s files.). My wife Paulette and I look forward to seeing old and new faces! BU intern, 1957-58
Producer-director, 19581961
Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt: Prospects of Mankind,
Invitation to Art with Brian O’Doherty
Elliot Norton Reviews
Louis Lyons & the News, Backgrounds
9/8/2014 10:25:58 Kathryn Dietz 1976-1986 Yes I always look forward to seeing old and new WGBH colleagues! Preproduction Screener at ZOOM
Production Secretary,
Production Assistant,
Associate Producer, Local Programming (documentaries)
Associate Producer, FRONTLINE
Associate Producer, VIETNAM: A Television HistoryThen formed my own company, Ambrica Productions, and produced films for FRONTLINE and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE.
9/8/2014 10:57:57 Ann Peck 1978-2010 Yes Looking forward!! Thanks to the committee for organizing another reunion. Writer/Producer
Wrote the first Producer’s Handbook (1978). Wrote proposals for Peter McGhee and for Educational Productions. Developed, directed, produced “On Second Thought,” philosophy pilots with Robert Nozick. Produced math, history, and science programs for Educational Productions.
9/8/2014 11:40:31 Mary Toropov 1984-2011 Yes Thanks for organizing the gathering! Development
9/8/2014 12:06:19 Robert Ferrante 1970-1980 + 2000-2012 Yes TELEVISION NEWS AT ITS BEST TIME. TV News Director and Ex Producer 1970-1980.
The Reporters, The Compass, The Ten O’Clock News nd News Specials.MIA

2000-2012 THE

9/8/2014 13:41:44 Alison Bassett freelance 1988-1994; staff 1995-2012 Yes Thank you for organizing this. I hope to get there earlier than the last one! I didn’t put my years at WGBY as that would really date me!! :>0 AD – Boston Pops
Post Production Supervisor – PR; American Experience
Producer – Children’s; Educational Productions
Compliance Manager – Archives & Media Center
9/8/2014 15:32:59 Michael Ambrosino 1956 to 1976 Yes It is always a good time to visit with friends and colleagues you have known for many years. Manager of School Television
Executive Director, Eastern Educational Network
Assistant Director of Programming
Associate Director of Programming
Executive Producer, NOVA
9/8/2014 15:42:34 Jane Arsham 1967-1980 Yes Operations
9/8/2014 16:09:47 Marsha Bemko 1983-present Yes Distribution
Discovering Women
Culture Shock
National Programming
Antiques Roadshow
9/8/2014 16:59:59 Olivia Tappan 1964-1997 Yes Looking forward to this great celebration! Traffic – Secretary
Production – Production Assistant; Associate Producer; Producer
The French Chef, Navy shows; Jean Shepherd’s America, French in Action; Destinos; Connect with English; WGBH New TV Workshop; 4 Jean Shepherd Movies; America, Inc; Between Time and Timbuktu (Kurt Vonnegut); What’s Happening Mr. Silver … and so on.
9/8/2014 18:15:14 Howard, Sandy Lowe 1971-1975 Yes Sandy: Human Resources specialist

Howard: Worked in Programming and News; directed Evening Compass, 10 O’clock News; Catch 44; Romagnoli’s Table, Masterpiece Cooke segments, various specials. AD for Pops, Symphony, Tennis.

9/9/2014 7:56:41 Fred Barzyk 1958 – 2002 Yes Can’t wait!!!!!! Producer/Director
9/9/2014 9:47:59 Mary Meadows 1975-2000 Yes Fundraising
Business Office/Accounting
Scarlet Letter
Unit Manager – ‘A’ Division
IT Director
9/9/2014 12:17:55 Joan Summerfield-Gray 1966-68 Maybe I loved my time at ‘gbh and have wonderful memories of being and working with such amazing people. Art Department, graphic designer
9/9/2014 12:28:13 Lisa Gregory 1993-1997 Yes Thanks for organizing

Looking forward,


Outreach Project Director, Africans in America

9/9/2014 17:57:58 Cynthia McKeown 1999 – 2009 Yes Educational Productions (Producer and Web Producer)
9/10/2014 2:49:35 Katherine Griffin 1997-2012 Yes The World – Office Manager/Production Coordinator
9/10/2014 7:26:21 Tommy White 1971-1972 Yes ZOOM On-Air Talent
9/14/2014 9:42:20 Art Cohen 1976 – 1984? Yes Reporter, Ten O’Clock News
Producer – Documentary Unit
9/16/2014 20:45:06 Carole Ashcraft 1972-1974 No I have nothing less then 100% gratitude for Michael who changed my life due to our NOVA experience together.
His unselfish manner and trust in letting me take my talent and skill – most even unknown to myself at the time – and run with it for better or worse without fear, kept my feet firmly planted on the ground making each step better then the last. Did I fail at times? You bet but Michael’s support and belief never waivered. Nor did his project perseverance… at times in great odds with management over financial concerns. Also, his conviction of purpose and never-ending trust in his staff never lost its pace. We even had some hard-earned laughter burst through during times of complete exhaustion which made us even more ‘family’, added more treasured memories and increased our pride.
The effort he invested in all of us those many years ago became for me a life-long support tool that no one ever matched or even came close to throughout my media career. I was blessed to be lucky enough to have had a small part in this larger-than-life play called NOVA and for the privilege of having shared Michael’s vision with so many others along the way.
I’m honored. Thank you Michael and Lillian.
Carole Ashcraft, Production Secretary
Production Secretary to Michael J. Ambrosino (mja/cia) original series start-up team – NOVA.
9/19/2014 11:24:46 Amy Meyers 1973-1978 Yes Don’t be shy. Come as you are! Started as a volunteer answering Zoom mail and working in the volunteer office. Even put in some time answering pledge calls and volunteering on the auction. Quickly became a part of the development team after Nixon vetoed federal funding. From there to and on and on…
9/20/2014 7:45:41 Carol Jeffery 1968-1969 Yes I look forward to renewing old ties and seeing the new facility. WGBH-TV/Boston University Scholar
9/24/2014 20:35:50 Ron Della Chiesa 1967 to Present Yes Looking forward to this Swingin” affair! WGBH and WCRB Radio
9/25/2014 0:32:54 Judith Rosenbaum 1991-2003 Maybe WGBH Interactive
10/1/2014 11:52:17 Lynn Farnell 1975-1995 Yes Production Services
Film Department
10/2/2014 15:53:07 Edye Baker 1971 – 1999 Yes 1971 – 1981 Auction Major Volunteer
1981 – 1999 Auction Manager
10/7/2014 14:03:30 Virginia Kassel 1959-1963 No I look forward to old memories and new happenings. PR
A Time to Dance – PA
The Fuller World – Producer
Numerous convocations- Producer
Prospects of Mankind- PA
Deadline 10:45 – Producer
Elliot Norton Reviews[4/20: Sadly I cannot come to the reunion; a conflict has spring up. Much as I would prefer to be with you all, I must be in NYC.]
10/8/2014 16:33:27 Greg Fitzgerald 1972-1988 & 2007-2008 Yes Look forward to seeing you all! Radio Public Affairs producer
Radio Reporter
Radio Host
Ten O’clock News Reporter/writer
10/8/2014 16:33:33 Susan Dowling Griffiths 1979 – 1993 Maybe May is a long way off, but it would/will be great to see you all!! Susan New TV Workshop
10/8/2014 16:40:54 Kai Fujita 1983-1999 No so sorry I can’t come!
my best to all, kai
Admin Director, FRONTLINE 1983-1996
Special Projects Dir, Admin 1997-1999
10/8/2014 17:06:35 Chris Pullman 35 Yes Most exhilarating assignment: figuring out what the new building and the digital mural should be all about.
Most engaged with production: designer for Vietnam
Most dangerous: driving the 2-mobile.
Most weird: trudging through mammoth Gift Shows to stock up Signals catalog (remember that??).
Most fattening: test tasting the recipes for the Victory Garden Cookbook
VP of Design and Branding, 1973-2008
Additional responsibility for Publishing and Products late 70’s-mid 80’s
Served as design client for the new building, 2001-2007
10/8/2014 17:44:35 Judy Gerstel 1965-68 Yes Looking forward to this! FM..continuity director, on-air commentator, producer
10/8/2014 18:25:25 Dan Beach 1960-67 ++ No I look forward. Camerman
Traffic Department Manager
Film Department Manager
Production Coordinator on many Barzyk shows in later years
10/8/2014 18:30:17 Gordon Mehlman 1968-2007 Yes Great to have been part of an engineering team that led the way with so many firsts in television history. Multi-track audio recording, stereo recording and broadcasting for TV, closed captioning, etc. Engineering/production services.
Maintenance engineer, engineer in charge remote facilities.
Worked on most of the large truck remote productions, pops, tennis, the advocates, antiques road show, etc. produced by WGBH for almost forty years.
10/8/2014 19:53:01 Tony Saletan 1955 – on & off for many years Yes For the last decade I’ve been living in the state of Washington, so I’ll fly across the country to be at WGBH for this event. Plans are solidifying around it, e.g. I’ll likely warm up by singing, playing, and leading dances at the Folk Festival, which will take place in Mansfield on the previous weekend.
I look forward to hugging old friends at WGBH, and suggest that, to make that process smoother, we all wear name tags!
My first show & role: host on WGBH-TV’s first show & series, “Come and See,” from 5;30 pm to 6 pm, 3 or 4 days a week for the first year (May 2, 1955 – ?).
Since then I have been sporadically on air as host, interviewer, singer, musician on various programs and series, including, but not limited to, many in-school series.
10/8/2014 20:20:26 Norm Holland 1957-1959,1962-63 No I had a long academic career teaching psychological approaches to literature. Now, in my retirement, I’m back to reviewing movies. Take a look at

I remember my time doing shows at WGBH as one of the happiest of my life. I’m sorry it had to come to an end.

Talent, so-called. I reviewed movies in a 15-min show once a week for two years, produeced at first by Ted Steinke, later by Russ Morash (I think). Then I came back to do a show for Harvard Extension, THE SHAKESPEAREAN IMAGINATION, produced by Russ Morash. That later became a book of the same title in 1964 (Willie’s 400th birthday).
10/9/2014 6:48:26 Eleanor Jewett Yes
10/9/2014 8:42:14 Judy Larsen Mehring 1954-58 Yes Thanks for putting this together. I was associated with ‘GBH until 1973 through my husband Bob Larsen who was Program Manager and then General Manager in charge of Production until his passing in 1973. Ours was the first WGBH marriage, April 2,1955…the first day that WGBH-TV went on the air! WGBH Radio at Symphony Hall…production dept.53-55
WGBH-TV, Mass ave, Cambridge, Continuity Mgr., Production asst, 55-58
10/9/2014 10:25:11 Linda Harrar Yes Looking forward to seeing many friends and colleagues. The Caption Center
NOVA AP, Producer
Foundation Development
Coordinator, Green Media Innovation IdeaLab
10/9/2014 11:13:23 Joseph Shrand 1972 – 1978 Yes 1972 was a long time ago! WGBH was like my second home. If interested, please check out what I am up to now at

See you in May

I’m Joe. Zoom
Spider’s Web Radio: various productions with my mother Frances Shrand, including Wind of the Willows which won an Armstrong
10/9/2014 17:26:13 Carl Piermarini 1978 – 2000 Maybe Hope to catch up with some old friends. Film Department – Camera Technician

WGBH Archives Dept. – Archivist / Supervisor

10/9/2014 17:29:37 Jay Collier 1980-86 Yes Looking forward to seeing everyone! Assistant Director/Editor, Studio (and Location) Crew
10/10/2014 12:38:44 Lew Lloyd 1975-1981 Yes Is the list of names of alums available? Admin. Mgr.,Exec In Charge of Production “The Scarlet Letter”, Exec. Producer “The Stravinsky Series” this last never produced at WGBH-it was moved to WNET.
10/10/2014 16:18:53 Arthur Henry 1974-1980 Yes I am looking forward to seeing everyone! Thanks to all who are organizing and working to bring us together again! Broadcast Engineer: Master Control Operator, Videotape Recorder & Editor. Unit Manager: ZOOM (seasons 5 & 6), NOVA (season 6)
10/10/2014 18:22:34 Dave Svens 1965-1967 Yes Looking forward to it! This is the first reunion I’ve heard about BEFORE it occurred! Production-studio and mobile unit
“Jazz” “Yes is for a Very Young Man” The first “Auction”
“Museum Open House” “Evening at Symphony” Several of the Navy educational shows
Camera, Assistant lighting, Floor Director…the usual stuff.
10/10/2014 19:51:23 Roger Lyons 1972-1983, 1988-1994 Yes I wouldn’t miss this reunion for (almost) anything. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with former colleagues and sharing memories (however many we can recall). Business Office-data entry, accounts payable, supplies
Productions Assistant-Catch 44, Elliot Norton Reviews,
The Ten O’Clock News, ZOOM, Various other programs
Creative Services-Promotion Producer
Creative Marketing-Executive Producer for Promotion and Marketing
Creative Services-Director of Local Advertising and On-Air Promotion
10/10/2014 20:05:41 Susheel Bibbs 1973-77, 1978-80 Yes Looking forward to seeing everyone. GBH radio
Spiders Web, Performance, A Batin Rompu, Rose Hill, Music Program Director
1975 CPB Best Program Awards
ZOOM talent coordinator
ZOOM Executive Producer
Arts Ed Project Producer
10/12/2014 0:59:05 Elaine Coolbrith 1992-2008 Yes Looking forward to seeing everyone. The Health Quarterly
Business and Legal Affairs
10/12/2014 1:19:57 Laura DiMeo 1982 -2004 No Not sure if freelancers were being considered, ( even ones that workded regularly for decades) but sent my RSVP anyway. Can’t make it, due to my teaching duties in Texas – but hugs and kisses to all. My favorite memory is being approached by David M one shoot day for Masterpeice when he introduced himself and asked if I was new – Chas N kindly pointed out that I had been working monthly at GBH for about 30 years. Freelance studio crew (lighting,) Masterpiece, & Mystery. Scenic and lighting crew on Boston Pops.
Tote board re-conditioner maven, lighting, scenic and teleprompter operator on countless Auctions.
Web Digital Phtographer Antiques Road Show ( 3 seasons)
10/12/2014 10:36:16 Dick Heller 1968-70,72-81 Yes Director, BSO, Pops, ZOOM, Ballroom, many more
10/12/2014 17:36:00 Sheila (Smith) Simollardes 1965 – 1972 Yes I’m looking forward to Reunion 2015 with bated breath! Hope to meet up with many people from “days of yore,” and devoutly wish to recognize each and every one of them — should memory serve. Programming: secretary to Michael J. Ambrosino (1965-1967)
Operations: Administrative Asst. to Jack Caldwell (1967-1968)
Production: “Artists in Television” w/ Rick Hauser; “Zoom” pilots
w/ Chris Sarson; “BSO” w/ Bill Cosel; “Reporters” w/ Bob Ferrante; and WGBH-KCET co-production, “The Advocates,” w/ Russ Morash
10/13/2014 17:25:09 Julie Moore 1969-1983ish Yes PA, AD, “The Advocates”

AD, AP, the “Sports” unit, mainly professional tennis

AD, AP “Vic Braden’s Tennis for the Future”

Producer “Under Sail”

10/14/2014 8:46:12 Jonathan Goell 1978 Yes Looking forward to seeing old friends and co-workers. The Photo Show, co-writer and host.
10/17/2014 9:42:37 Raquel Ortiz 1978-1990 Yes Looking forward to it. Founding Producer/Host of “LA PLAZA”
E.P. Community Programming
Various national specials
10/17/2014 16:05:24 Hollis AKA Holly MacArthur 1992-2003 Yes This is a great idea! I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of friends I haven’t seen in a long time!! Member Services – fundraising
Events – fundraising
Development – fundraising
Channel 2 Auction – Acquisitions Manager
Audience Services – fundraising
Archives – Acquisition
10/18/2014 14:40:13 Linda Tucker 1963-1966 No The 50 years since leaving WGBH seem to have passed too quickly, but oh, the changes they have wrought. Can’t wait to see old friends and to celebrate wonderful GBH times not to mention springtime in New England. Department?/French Chef, BSO, BMFA, Russ Morash’s science shows/lighting volunteer, then assistant, then director. Mostly mobile unit.

Department?/foreign affairs & regional theater documentaries, vs Henry Haller @ White House State Dinner (not the show’s name)/lighting design and film editing.

4/22: Due to a baby shower for a close family member, I’ll be unable to attend our May 2 reunion. This intervening event amounts to a command performance that cannot be missed. I love babies and look forward to celebrating his/her arrival on the planet, BUT seriously regret missing a glorious chance to see old friends.

Best wishes to all who planned the reunion and to all those who will be there. HOORAY for all WGBH alums.

10/20/2014 15:43:14 Russell Morash 1957-2009 Yes
10/21/2014 21:09:03 Lo Hartnett lots, and still there. Yes What is it about WGBH that gets into our blood stream and makes us so passionate about our craft and our industry? Whether it’s audio, accounting, editing, IT, filming or fundraising, we share the same quest… excellence in all we do. And we do it so well. WGBH Development Dir – 1972-1986
WGBY Development Dir – 1994-1999
WGBH Development Consultant 2009 –
10/23/2014 15:28:03 Christine Bradley (Carney) 1992-1999 No Corporate Development
10/23/2014 15:28:57 Andrew Bradley 1992-2006 Yes WGBH Auction
11/18/2014 19:54:34 David Sloss 1962-1967 Yes Thank you for organizing this! It gives me a wonderful excuse to visit Boston for the first time in almost 50 years. I’m delighted to be able to attend, and eager to see all of you again!
A Roomful of Music
Folk Music USA
Open Rehearsal
Boston Arts Festival
Music in the 20’s
12/11/2014 17:33:10 Helen Powell 1986-1990 Yes Development: Business Partners
12/18/2014 12:25:00 Tom Pugh 1981-present Yes Never forget the true GBH Engineering
12/22/2014 9:55:27 Christopher Gilbert 1970-1989 Yes Very much looking forward to catching up with old friends and colleagues. Missed the first one. Will not miss this one. EYE-TO-EYE, Production Assistant; BROADCAST OPERATIONS, Day-of-Air Supervisor; ELLIOT NORTON REVIEWS, Production Assistant/Director; REBOP, Post-Production Supervisor; Unit-Production Manager; THE VICTORY GARDEN/THIS OLD HOUSE, Unit Manager/Associate Producer. HOW-TO PROGRAMMING, Executive Producer/Director, LAST CHANCE GARAGE, CATS & DOGS, THE GREAT OUTDOORS, THANKSGIVING WITH MARTHA STEWART, BODYWATCH.
12/22/2014 11:37:10 Marsha Montori approx 1976 to 1981 Yes Here’s hoping for some significant WGBY attendance. Looking forward to seeing everyone. WGBY marketing; WGBY 10 o’clock news
12/22/2014 12:34:36 Aida Moreno 1977 – 2000 Yes Looking forward to it. Department – National Productions

Some Executive Producer / Producer titles:
•Antiques Roadshow
•Antiques Roadshow Junior
•America’s Ballroom Challenge & Championship Ballroom Dancing & Ballroom Dancing Basics

Some Producer titles
•Candidates 88 hosted by Marvin Kalb
•Big Band Ballroom Bash with Bobby Short and Juliet Prowse
•Let the Good Times Roll with BB King
•Condition Critical: The American Health Care Forum with Phil Donahue
•The Issue is Race with Phil Donahue
•The Jewel in the Crown Salute with Susan Stamberg and the Jewel cast
•Masterpiece Theatre’s 10th, Anniversary Special with

Sampling of other shows with various titles –
and Company & Julia Child and More Company
•Evening at Symphony with Seiji Ozawa
•Evening at Pops with Arthur Fiedler and John Williams
•Boston Marathon with Bud Collins
•Crockett’s Victory Garden with
•Drum and Bugle Corps competitions

12/22/2014 18:27:12 Dan Kain 1966 -68 Yes Can I bring anything? BU/GBH scholar…. Lowly crew.
12/23/2014 8:25:51 Lori Cohen 1984-1998 Yes 10 o’clock news as an editor
harvard business review as editor, ap and producer
national productions The Newshour-editor and producer
12/23/2014 8:30:04 Darrell Byers 1991-2000 Yes Looking forward to seeing my friends and former colleagues. Development and local underwriting
12/23/2014 8:37:08 Sheldon Goldberg ??? Yes My Wife will be wirh me, sorry do not remember the years I was there. I think it was for 17 years..
home phone is 9782440417
Engineering Started in Needham at TV transmitter, but went to Blue hill to check FM Trans also each day. Then was master control Engr Also did news field pick ups. Do not remember time frame, old studios.
Good news is on this Dec 8 had 85 birth day,
12/23/2014 8:40:49 Karen Cariani 1984-2014 Yes Looking forward to it. American Playhouse: Concealed Enemies
Crisis in Central America
South Africa Under the Gun
Producer’s Hub
War and Peace in the Nuclear Age
Korea: The Unknown War
American Experience: Nixon
Resource Center (American Experience:The Kennedys, Rock and Roll, American Experience: MacArthur)
Evolution Digital Library
Teacher’s Domain
Media Library
Media Library and Archives
12/23/2014 8:42:08 Christine (Simpson) Lear 1995-2003 Yes Thanks for putting this together! I can finally attend! Please let me know if I can help in any way! Started in Member Outreach, worked in and then managed Audience Services, spent the last few years producing for pledge. Still happy to volunteer for pledge.
12/23/2014 8:57:06 Christopher Lydon 1977-1991 Yes Who’s compiling the general memoir of WGBH then and now? I’d happily contribute. Hosted The Ten O’Clock News those years from ’77 to ’91.

But had volunteered on air first from 1964 in a show called “This week at the State House,” with by Globe colleague Bryant Rollins, produced by Caroline Isber. I hope the Alumni are in touch with those two WGBH stalwarts!

12/23/2014 9:16:57 Victor Washkevich 1957-1958 No My year at WGBH-TV was one of the mos memorable and enjoyable of my life. My seven classmates remained friends through many glorious reunions. As a WGBH Scholar, I pulled cable, operated camera, worked boom mike, floor managed and directed a show on etymology called WORDS. Ten full scholarships were awarded each year back then and in our class eight completed the program. We were t he arms and legs of WGBH back when it was a struggling TV stations located in what was once a roller skating rink located directly above a luncheioette across the street from MIT.
12/23/2014 9:35:17 Sharon Kramer Loew 1972-1979 Maybe Thanks ‘GBH for all the opportunities, all the fun, and all the learning! Design Department
Designed for Nova, Advocates, nooz, News, Romagnioli’s Table, Say Brother, station breaks—more!
12/23/2014 9:41:56 Sixto Escobar 1976-1980 Yes Looking forward to enjoy the company of some good friends. Producer/host WGBH Radio
Community Affairs Director WGBH Radio
Production Assistant The New Voice
Production Assistant/Associate Producer La Plaza
Host Say Brother
Producer/Host WGBH Radio
12/23/2014 10:10:21 Wilford J.& Elaine S. Darr-Morton Morton 1958-1983 Yes Audio Engineer WGBH Radio, TV, Film/shows Julia Child, Boston Symphony, Boston Pops, This Old House, Crockett’s Victory Garden, Nova and many more too numerous to mention.
12/23/2014 10:34:44 Alex Pirie 1963-1971-2ish Yes Looking forward to it! Please, no Koch brothers in attendance. Asst. Lighting Director/Asst. Floor Manager
…all studio shows at the MOS studio
Floor Manager Studio and Mobile Unit
Mobile Unit Driver/Crew Chief
Wiring Asst. Master Control (almost electrocuted Jack Kane!)
Ran the electrical cables above Studio A at 125 (still removing fiberglass fragments from my back)
Producer/Writer – New Studio Xmas Party (Julia editing video tape and many etceteras!)
Producer Trainee
NET National Conference – Asst. to General Manager
Producer: Eliot Norton Reviews, Soviet Press This Week, Ideologies and Affairs, Fortran 1
Producer, 21″Classroom
A Woman’s Place
Fortran 2
Head Scenic Carpenter: Julia’s color series, Maggie Letvin, Thalassa Cruso, NET Black Drama Series, NET Opera Series, and too much else!
Organizing Committee, first try at a union, WGBH Employees Association.
12/23/2014 10:51:07 Nina Lillie 1971-1972 Yes Looking forward to it! ZOOM
12/23/2014 11:38:22 George Rivera 1977-81 Yes Look forward to seeing all. (I just saw the news of Bobby Wilson and very saddened.) RePop, Say Brother, Victory Garden, This Old House, BSO, you name it. I came up the ranks from PA to Producer – Director.
12/23/2014 11:52:18 Chuck Schuerhoff 13 + 3 Yes I am looking forward to seeing all my former colleagues now sporting various shades of grey and white hair (goes well with fashionable black outfits) and learning how they plan to deal, are dealing or have dealt with all the free time that comes with retirement. TV studio crew; scheduling dept.; (1st president of AEEF); TV studio manager; Director of TV Operations; Director of Distribution Dept.; (26-year hiatus to work for myself); Director of Acquisitions for WGBH International.
12/23/2014 13:24:21 Aimee Sands 1976-89, 1996-98 Yes I will be glad to see old friends. Reporter/Producer/Host ‘GBH Journal
Freelance reporter TheTen O’Clock News
Documentary producer for Local programming (under Raquel Ortiz in the mid-80’s)
Associate Producer Africans in America
Consulting Producer La Plaza
12/23/2014 14:00:30 Jeffrey Dunn 1978-1981-1981-present- freelance Yes Looking forward to seeing everyone!!! Still photographer on many shows and projects
12/23/2014 14:18:22 Edward Salners 1960-61 Yes After attending the affair for the closing of the Western Ave studio, I can’t wait to see the Brighton facilities. I have many memories of my time at WGBH, the October fire included. Always get a warm feeling when I see the WGBH logo on a program, knowing I was part of the station in its (black and white) infancy. Do get nostalgic for the old family ideograph logo, though. As a resident of Easthampton MA, I get my signal from the Great Blue Yonder (WGBY) rather than directly from Great Blue Hill! WGBH/BU Scholar–cameraman/crew
Science Reporter – technical director
at Sanders Theatre – lighting crew (I was the monkey in the rafters for setup, but I got to sit in the audience for performances.)
Salvage crew on the day after the fire at the studio on Mass Ave.
12/23/2014 16:35:22 Carol Obertubbesing 1980-1990 Yes I am looking forward to it! I enjoyed a reunion with folks I worked with in the Educational Services Department in November and hope to see many of you in May. If anyone comes through Chicago, I would be happy to see you here and show you some favorite places in my adopted city.
Carol Obertubbesing
Director of Outreach; Assistant Director of Community Relations; Cable Consultant
12/23/2014 16:51:30 Marsha Green 1981-1986 Yes Development
Director of Major Gifts
12/23/2014 17:13:24 Laila Kain 1967-68 Yes So looking forward to this gathering & catching up with my 1st & most amazing “boss” Michael Ambrosino. (This was my 1st job out of college.)

Can’t wait to see Sheila Smith who trained me (as Laila Fangel) & Hadley Taylor, (working for Michael Rice), my office mate & source of great conversations & enduring encouragement.

To explain Laila Kain: Dan Kain (WGBH & WGBY) & I married in 1968, after he graduated from BU & we started the rest of our lives.

We’ll both be there!

Programming/secretary to the amazing Michael Ambrosino; in those days we were called secretaries ;)
12/23/2014 17:47:21 Florence Lewis Yes
12/23/2014 17:53:36 Ralph Schuetz 1968-1972 Yes Some folks my age don’t even buy green bananas, but it’s certainly our intent to come back for the reunion so I’ll say “yes”. Looking forward to seeing the familiar faces, though over 40 years have passed since my limited time actually at WGBH (vs. at PBS) so “familiar” may be somewhat of an overstatement. Thanks Michael, Fred, Olivia, Janie, and all the others on the Reunion Committee. Short as my WGBH tenure was, those years are still well and fondly remembered. 1968 Supv. of Scheduling and Facilities. Started work the same day WGBH’s first two color VTRs arrived.
1968-1970 Studio Crew. First job, dismantling Julia’s B&W kitchen set. Most memorable jobs: Longwood tennis remotes videographer (precursor to Chyron) and occasional SloMo operator; Richard Nixon Inaugural Concert, videographer.
1970-1972 Traffic Manager. Replaced three-by-five cards by writing the first computer software and keypunching the cards used to track thousands of tapes in the library using the Business Office’s computer every Friday night.
1972-2004 Left WGBH (so maybe this doesn’t count?) to take a position with the nascent PBS “network” in Washington (actually first with their tape library in Indiana before it was moved to DC), serving in a variety of roles in Operations and Engineering roles.
12/23/2014 20:38:59 James Donahue 1982-1974 Yes Job “eliminated” due to outsourcing and new management.
Bitter memories of the layoff, but many fond memories of the earlier years. Look forward to seeing everyone!
WGBH FM Engineer
Worked in both radio and television.
Everything from Aerosmith to Opera, Kermit the Frog and Julia Child.
12/23/2014 21:30:03 Karl Lorencic 1965-1995 Yes Engineering/Maintenance/Video

Name any show Studio or Remote and I worked on it

12/24/2014 15:43:22 Bill Charette 1970-1980 Yes Look forward to seeing old friends and colleagues. Thanks for making it possible. Studio/ENG. Zoom I, French Chef, Masterpiece with Alistair Cooke, Louis Lyons News, The Reporters, 10 O’Clock News, Queen of Spades Opera, Eliot Norton Reviews, Boston Pop’s/Symphony, Victory Garden, Catch 44, various Fred Barzyk epics, etc.
12/25/2014 17:12:07 Boyd Estus 1967-1980-ish. BU Scholar before that Yes Film Department
Shot the first NOVA and many, many other programs and series (Zoom, Religious America, Vietnam: A Television History, Between Time and Timbuktu, In Search of the Real America, America Inc., What’s Happening Mr. Silver, Arthur Fiedler: Just Call Me Maestro, etc., etc.).Freelance since leaving WGBH staff.
12/25/2014 20:09:18 Scott Davis 1961 – 1979 Yes Well this should really be something! Can’t wait to see everyone attending. And will Fred have the tape of us dropping the chandelier from the grid in Studio B 1000 times during the auction? Crew/Operations
12/26/2014 11:45:47 John Beck 1968-1980 Yes Front desk, business office, Radio Manager
12/26/2014 22:27:36 Bob Gore 1976-1980 Yes This is a wonderful idea. I eagerly look forward to this reunion. Bob Gore FM Acting manager
FM Admin manager
TV Unit Manager
Unit Manager for Administration
12/27/2014 1:26:05 Christopher Sarson 1963-74 Yes Can’t wait. Producer, 21″ Classroom; Creator and Executive Producer, ZOOM; First Executive Producer, Masterpiece Theatre
12/27/2014 21:16:59 Hillary Kimmel 1974-1981 Yes I’m looking forward to attending. The Caption Center had a reunion 8 years ago and it was a blast reconnecting with folks. I’ve been self employed for the past 23 years operating a drapery workroom to the trade. And guess what, I just did the drapes for the current This Old House project in Lexington. The Caption Center: First as a caption writer, then as an associate producer and unit manager.
12/31/2014 13:47:22 Marian Morash 1979 – 2002 Yes Chef on The Victory Garden
1/7/2015 21:02:25 Alice Austin 1997-2003 Maybe The Caption Center, Descriptive Video Service
1/14/2015 17:42:27 Maryjo Wheatley 1970s to late 1980s Yes Well, this should be interesting! It’s been decades since I have been at ‘GBH.
Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Film Department
1/18/2015 10:48:20 Lucinda Winslow 1974-1980 Maybe Looking forward! The Caption Center
1/18/2015 11:16:50 David Silver 1968-69 Yes Looking forward to it! Talent/writer What’s Happening Mr Silver?
1/19/2015 2:28:52 Liz Wilson 1986-98 Yes I’m looking forward to this opportunity to re-connect with a such a group of spirited, talented and dedicated professionals! Director, WGBH Fellowships in Public Affairs Program Production; Recruiter, “The World;” Interactive (Prodigy); Proposal writer, Educational Outreach; Member Outreach Representative, Annual Fund
1/19/2015 19:54:28 Russell Fortier 1965-1983 Yes It’s hard to believe that 1965 was about 50 years ago, the time has passed so quickly. As the song goes:”For all we know, we may never meet again” so let’s make the most of this opportunity and enjoy each other’s company. As we have helped make the station what it has become, it has helped make us what we have become, and that is worth celebrating. 1965-1970 Television Cameraman and 1970 – 1983 Television Director: The French Chef with Julia Child, The Advocates, Evening at Symphony, Pops, Tennis, The Photo Show, Changing Music with Gunther Schuller, Drum Corps International, Evening With Champions, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn at Harvard, The Ten O’clock News, The Club, Brandeis Television Recollections: Averell Harriman and Earl Warren, What’s The Big Idea, The Feast of Language, Greek Island Cooking, and many other national and local productions.
1/23/2015 15:49:01 Eric Handley 1971 -2000 Yes Editor, Nova, Frontline, Zoom as an independent contractor.
1/23/2015 16:29:37 Julie Holley 1994-1994 Yes While my tenure was brief, it was quite impactful. I look forward to being among so many great folks. Legal:
Procured Insurance for multiple Crews/Productions.Safeguarded Intellectual Property rights for in-place and new shows.

Supported Business Unit Managers re: Law-related inquiries.

1/23/2015 18:30:27 Mike Goldberg ??? Yes Looking forward to this event. Now 85, do not remember when I retired. Worked at transmitter and master control, and news. See you there. Transmitter Engineer for TV and FM then Master Control, and News Engineer
Don’t remember the years
1/26/2015 12:10:04 Jack Comeau 1979 – 1989 (Freelance) Maybe I have very fond memories of my Boston years, WGBH and all the folks I met there. I love going back. I’ve posted a bit of my history here in case you want to read it. Maybe you don’t?

In 1989 I moved to NY to take a full time gig as Head Lighting Director at WWOR-TV, where I won an Emmy and was twice nominated.

In 1994 I moved to LA and back to freelancing. I ended up as lighting director for KCAL News on the Paramount lot every night, three consecutive one hour shows as well as doing various other shoots during the day, was nominated for another Emmy.

In 2007 I retired from lighting. My wife and I moved up the coast a bit to Ventura. We’ve got a huge deck overlooking the Pacific. Life is good. I’m writing full time. I’ve written six screenplays. One has Vilmos Zsigmond attached to direct. One has Haskell Wexler attached to direct. I seem to have a knack for attracting aging, iconic DP’s. It’s been great hanging out with those guys.

My first novel, DISTRESS SIGNAL is set on Nantucket. If I can schedule getting back there for the reunion, I might try to set up a few area book signings while I’m there.

Grip; Gaffer; Lighting Director

As grip: Alistair Cook intro to MASTERPIECE THEATER; Vincent Price intros to Mystery.

As grip, then gaffer, then lighting dir. : THE VICTORY GARDEN; THIS OLD HOUSE; THE LAST CHANCE GARAGE and many other one time productions

2/2/2015 17:06:36 Syrl Silberman 1966-1977 Yes I am such an old timer that I hope I’m still around. I’m about to turn 70, and that seems pretty weird. production: pa; producer; writer
A zillion different things
2/3/2015 10:44:53 Steve Rogers 1964-1973 Yes Air tickets purchased, hotel reservations made, Sara and I
will be there! What fun, can’t wait!…
Video engineer-Videotape editing-Most major shows; Evening at Pops, Julia Child, Advocates, Zoom, Catch 44,
Science Reporter (remember that one?) Longwood Tennis, etc, etc
2/12/2015 11:41:23 Nina Saltus 1970-1983 Yes Looking forward to seeing some “old” friends! Secretary to V.P./Gen.Mgr.
Secretary to Director of Education Division
Secretary to Director of The Caption Center
Production Secretary/Art Auction Preview Shows
Table Captain for several Auctions
Production Secretary for a few tennis coverages (with Phil Collyer and Bud Collins).
2/15/2015 15:30:15 Benny Krol 1968-2007 Yes I can’t wait to see my friends and colleagues Dept: Engineering under first, Tom Keller
Shows: Everything from Julia Childs,Pops,and Tennis to
Antiques Roadshow
Roles: Maintenance, operational engineering and EIC
of various mobile Units,EIC Maintenance shop,
EFP and small format maintenance to Antiques
Roadshow Tech. Manager
2/17/2015 9:15:12 Steve Damas Yes I registered previously, but did not see my name of the list that accompanied today’s email so I am registering again.
2/17/2015 9:22:53 Rich Wood 1969-1972 No Previous commitment Morning Pro Musica with Bill Canvess/News
TV Booth sub for Bill Pierce
Radio Continuity Director
Producer/Announcer Concerts from the Conservatory
Producer/Announcer Ford Hall Forum
2/17/2015 9:23:25 Kate Bernhardt Yes
2/17/2015 9:30:50 Barbara Levitov 1972-1976 and more Yes Caption news, pr, development special levents
2/17/2015 9:37:37 Mark Duffield 1987-2000 Yes Looking forward to a wonderful gathering of talented, committed professionals at all levels of the organization who dedicated themselves to the mission of Public Broadcasting to educate, inform and entertain. A thousand employees working together sharing information, offering help to other departments beyond their station and produced dramatic results and managed to have a lot of fun along the way which is why as alumni so many have stayed so close for so long beyond our working days. Mark Duffield Director of Business Development-Local Corporate Development
Role- Local Sponsor Underwriting and Capital Campaign
2/17/2015 10:14:30 Nancy Porter 1971-81; 1985-91 Yes producer, zoom, nova, american experience among others
2/17/2015 10:28:19 Maggie Lettvin 196? -198? Yes Rick Hauser, Charlotte Michaelson and lots of great staff and volunteers were responsible for all my wonderful life at
WGBH. Very aware I couldn’t have done it without you!
Maggie and The Beautiful Machine
2/17/2015 10:29:59 Jerik Tornheim 1976-1980 Yes Traffic
2/17/2015 10:31:59 Arnie Reisman 1969-1996 off&on Yes A nice kind of reunion, but I’m hoping it won’t look like a picnic at an assisted living facility. And if it does, who cares? In-house gadfly, that’s what Lurtsema called me. I worked as producer, writer and performer. Under Rockefeller and Ford grants. With Fred Barzyk, Olivia Tappen, David Silver, Tony Kahn, Dick Bartlett, Rick Hauser, Judy Stoia, Mickey Lemle, Paul Solman. Sure I’m leaving someone out. News, comedies, docs, PSAs, you name it. Specials such as Mother’s Little Network, The Other Side of the Moon, The Powder & the Glory. Still heard weekly on WGBH radio, doing 19 years with Says You!, comedy quiz show.
2/17/2015 10:38:09 Jim Billipp Yes camera
2/17/2015 10:38:16 Nicholas French 1967-1972 No As many old friends as I would like to see again, time and distance prevent my presence in Boston. I wish all of you a wonderful time. 1967-1969 Producer, Public Affairs

1969- 1972 Laborer in the vineyard, The Advocates

2/17/2015 11:04:19 Kathryn Pierce Dietz 1976-1986, 1987-2009 Yes Can’t wait to see everyone! CROCKETT’S VICTORY GARDEN: Intern
ZOOM: Pre-production screener (mail room!)
WORLD: production secretary, production assistant, associate producer
LOCAL PROGRAMMING: associate producer, producer
LA PLAZA: Producer
FRONTLINE: associate producer
FRONTLINE: associate producer, producer (as independent contractor)
AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: producer (as independent contractor)
2/17/2015 11:18:44 Russell Connor 1963-1967 Yes (talent, not staff) Writer/Host of
from the Museum of FineArtsWriter/Host of Artist’s Showcase
2/17/2015 16:27:01 Cynthia Broner 1984-present Yes See you there! Director of Constituent Communications (formerly Editorial Resources)
2/17/2015 16:36:59 Alan Potter 1956 – 1985 No As I said when I first heard this news: I will walk in my old LLBean snow boots to any event at which I can see Ginny Kassel and Linda Tucker. I can’t wait! See you asll on May 2nd.

Best regards to all;


Engineering, Production, Management
2/17/2015 20:44:23 Sandra Scott Tyler late ’70’s Yes Development
2/18/2015 1:58:40 Ed Baumeister 1971-1982 Yes News and current affairs — the Reporers, the Eveneing Compass, the Ten O’Clock News.
2/18/2015 8:37:02 Charles Walcott 1954-56; 1960-61 Yes It has been many years, but I am still involved making short films of faculty research and serving on the board of our local public broadcaster, WSKG. In my spare time, I am an emeritus Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell. Discovery, Ass’t Producer; Exploring Nature, producer
2/18/2015 10:22:49 Brian O’Donovan 1985- Yes Looking forward to it. A lot of work went into this. Thanks to the committee for getting it done. Producer/Host, A Celtic Sojourn
Business Development
International Tours
2/18/2015 13:34:37 Doug Briscoe 1977-2005 Maybe Do I know any of these people? Radio announcer/producer
2/18/2015 15:24:22 Kenn Rabin 1979-1985 Maybe Will try my best to make it — so many people I want to see! I’ll update as soon as I know more. VIETNAM: A TELEVISION HISTORY (archivist, film researcher); FRONTLINE: CENTRAL AMERICA (archivist, film researcher); The VIETNAM Archive (in charge of organizing for donation to University of MA); member of The Resource Center through a Rockefeller Foundation grant; misc. episodes of AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, AMERICAN MASTERS, POV, INDEPENDENT LENS.
2/18/2015 16:21:41 Pat Jacoby Yes
2/18/2015 20:11:10 George Hauenstein 1984-2007 Yes Development; Membership; radio funraising
2/18/2015 20:15:51 Lee Ann Donner Yes Looking forward to it!
2/19/2015 21:19:21 Sandy Forman 1983-1988 Yes Director of Distribution
2/20/2015 9:01:41 Debbie Dorsey 1976-2003 Yes New Television Workshop

Editor for Programs:
La Plaza: Sail on Sorlandet – Emmy 1982
Frontline: 8 programs
NOVA: 13 programs
WGBH local programming and Specials

2/21/2015 8:54:45 Michael Burton 1987-2002 Yes Local underwriting and then national underwriting
2/24/2015 14:52:43 Jenna Ford 2001-2004 Yes FRONTLINE promotion assistant, associate publicist
2/24/2015 20:36:37 Tony Kahn 01971-2004 (on and off Yes Writer, ZOOM; principal, Mother’s Little Network, narratorv of about 13 NOVAS (including Why Birds Sing and First Signs of Washoe), countless voice-overs for promotion, credit beds, etc., Principal, Hub City Hotshots, writer, “Where to Get Off in Boston,” features reporter, 10 o”clock News, “On the Money,” collaborator with Ron Hayes on several experimental video productions, Host of The PRI’s The World, producer and creator of Morning Storiesd, pub rfadio’s first podcast . . . .
2/25/2015 8:54:47 Roger Macie 1976- 1980 Yes Hope this event works with a freelance EIC job with America’s Test Kitchen. I now live in Florida. Ten O”Clock News, field tech / video operator.
ENG/EFP maintenance engineer.
2/25/2015 16:53:51 Bernadette Yao 1972-73, 1984-88, 2009-14 Yes My husband and I are both looking forward to attending this year’s reunion at WGBH! ZOOM, Development Dept.,(Pledge/Auction), Frontline, Holiday Entertaining with Martha Stewart, Bodywatch, Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, TV Pledge Host
2/26/2015 10:54:48 Anne Speakman 1978-1982; 1991-92 Maybe I hope to be there. director, local promotion
director, national promotion
project director, In Critical Condition
2/28/2015 20:30:01 Margot Edman 1976-1981 Yes
3/1/2015 11:32:22 Sharon Pucker Rivo 1963-1967 Yes I will attend for a while but cannot stay long because I will be involved with our annual spring film festival JEWISHFILM.2015.
I have a short clip reel of the first auction where I am hosting a table with Julia Childs.
Looking forward to seeing friends and colleagues
Public Affairs Producer
Produced first News at 10
Louis Lyons
Bob Baram – News
Collette Schulman – Russian News
Documentaries including award winning “KIDS CRAYONS AND VOLKSWAGONS” about busing and NET special on The John Birch Society (expose on Robert Welch).
3/4/2015 9:41:31 Cy Britt 1988-2002 Yes
3/6/2015 9:53:52 Mark Steele 1986-2010 Yes I’m very much looking forward to seeing my old friends from WGBH.
It’s been a long time.
Online Editor:
3/8/2015 14:22:32 Hector Dorta 1977-79 Yes Very excited to see my fellow Zoomers and the staff at WGBH, they made a POSITVE influance in my life. I owe them all a great deal of graditude. ZOOM 3rd season
3/9/2015 8:31:49 Basil Chigas 73-78 No Sad to say my yes has changed to a no. I will be traveling in Cuba instead. I will miss seeing old friends . Next time ! mail room-crew
3/9/2015 16:10:38 Bruce Irving 1988-2000 Yes Producer, This Old House
3/10/2015 14:29:59 Leo Demers Yes I was both surprised and delighted to receive this invitation. I am looking forward to seeing many friends and former colleagues. Looking forward it! Director of Engineering & videotape production editing
3/15/2015 17:50:24 Judy Salsich 1995-2013 Yes Membership Fundraising
3/16/2015 11:54:01 Audrey Paek 1999-2005 No Sorry to miss this one. I will be in Korea during this reunion. Please extend my warmest wishes to colleagues (past and present). I plan to attend the auction reunion in June. WGBH will always have a special place in my heart! Trustee and Overseer Relations
President’s Office (Diversity Initiatives Manager and
Assistant to President Henry Becton, Jr.)Auction Volunteer
DVS Intern
3/18/2015 12:26:00 Lauraine Hutchinson 1994-2005 Yes Love WGBH and have worked doing Business Development for Auction regarding businesses development for Travel Packages and cars etc… I also volunteered for a few seasons for the Fine Arts Section of the Auction under Vanya Trulenko (sp)? WGBH/ MOR Dept Fundraising
3/18/2015 14:56:57 Bill Pimentel 1988-Present Maybe Looking forward to seeing many old friends! Local Development & Marketing
Audience & Member Services
Staff & manager
3/20/2015 10:49:27 John Rogers 1985-2013 Yes Eng/Production Services
3/24/2015 13:45:20 Nancy Brown LaBrie 1979-1983 Maybe Development/Fundraising
3/24/2015 15:09:25 Gerry Field 1971 & 1991-2006 Yes Intern, “The Reporters”
Operations Manager, Descriptive Video Service
Project Director, NCAM
3/25/2015 13:28:49 Frank Capria 1981-2000 Yes Looking forward to it! The Ten O’Clock News (editor), American Experience (post production director)
3/29/2015 21:58:06 Sam Tyler 1976 – 1982 Yes Development
3/31/2015 7:56:52 Maureen Fahey Yes Looking forward to it. Editor/Post Production Supervisor
4/1/2015 9:39:46 Hal (Gordon Harold) Mehlman 1981-1984 Maybe Traffic
4/1/2015 10:46:00 Bud Collins 1963-88 Yes Had I not run into Ron Della Chiesa recently, Bud would have been overlooked. Somebody called us awhile back, but then we never heard another word. I looked at your list of alumni and could find almost nothing on Bud, even though in his day, he was quite a WGBH star…. said to him once, in her high voice: “You, know Bud, you and I made Channel Two.” Anyway, I would like there to be more information on him and can gladly provide his bio. HE WORKED AT WGBH BETWEEN 1963-88. Began the broadcasting of tennis on TV with Longwood tournaments. He then went on to CBS, NBC (for 35 years) and on to many other channels as well. Under the direction of Greg Harney, those early broadcasts of tennis were legendary and helped to popularize tennis in the US. The first “truck” they worked with was an old donated school bus parked at the Museum of Science. Bud has many stories about those old days.
He is currently suffering from Parkinson’s and some dementia…… we are still in the area, living in Brookline.
4/1/2015 11:46:33 Joe Vitagliano 1971-1974 Yes News, film: Reporters, Zoom, Nova,
4/1/2015 19:59:56 Joan Blackett 1962-1964 Yes Secretary to Hartford Gunn
4/3/2015 9:08:46 David Elinoff 1975-1981 Freelance 1992-2005 Yes Engineering, News crew for 10 O’clock News
Freelance Engineer on Zoom
4/4/2015 0:06:54 Steve Nevas 1976 – 1978 Maybe Looking forward to seeing old friends. Anchor/Reporter, The Ten O’Clock News
4/4/2015 10:53:34 Deanna Morse 1972-1974 Maybe Thanks for organizing this. I hope I can attend! Assistant editor on ZOOM, NOVA, Religious America, and several auctions.
After I left Boston, worked as artist in the schools, university professor, and continued making art animations, including work for Sesame Street.
4/4/2015 20:09:06 Maria Agui Carter 1989-2000 Maybe La Plaza- numerous years as staff, a few as contract producer for specific shows
Producer’s Hub (limited Series Series A.P. then Producer)
4/7/2015 10:21:23 Topper Carew 1973-1978 Yes
4/9/2015 15:26:41 Emily Lovering Yes
4/9/2015 17:05:17 Paul Gay 1970-1974 Yes Old-Timers ? – whoops that would be us.
Think the snow will be gone ?
4/9/2015 20:49:03 Bob Moscone 1955-1964 Maybe
4/11/2015 8:02:05 Elsa Rassbach 1973-1977 and 1980-1982 Maybe I have some very fond memories of WGBH. I’m presently in Berlin, Germany and planning a trip to USA in May for a 50th (!) college reunion. If I can get to MA early enough, I’d love to come on the 2nd. The NOVA gathering last spring was a pleasure. (Thanks so much, Michael A., for organizing that and for your work on this one as well!) 1973-1975 Associate Producer, NOVA, on Strange Sleep, War From the Air, Woman Rebel, etc.
1975-1977 Producer & 1980-1982 Executive Producer/Story Writer for NEH-funded development of drama series Made in U.S.A. on American labor history.
(Series pilot The Killing Floor premiered on PBS’ in 1984.)
4/12/2015 9:06:12 Sharon Earley 1973-1979 Yes The Caption Center
4/12/2015 19:15:12 Deborah Gibbs 1975-2015 Yes Just retired from WGBH yesterday 4/1/15… 1975 – 1990 – too many to remember!
1990 – 2015 – Masterpiece
4/13/2015 7:36:45 Marianne Neuman 1985-1998 Yes Publishing and Products, Commercial Marketing
4/13/2015 19:01:12 Linda Merrill 1989-2002 Yes Enterprises
4/15/2015 14:42:57 Marcia Hulley 1979-2013 Yes Creative services. Promos and marketing reels and image campaigns for everything!
4/15/2015 21:19:43 Douglas Smith 1965-1881 Yes Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting folks who came after I left. French Chef, Museum Open House, ZOOM, Making Things Grow, NOVA, NET Opera Theater, Music in the Twentieth Century, various news and public affairs shows,Office of Radio & Television for Learning.
4/16/2015 0:21:44 George Morency 1974-1980 Yes I look forward to coming back to Boston and WGBH and catching up with friends and colleagues. WGBH Radio – The Spider’s Web, Music 200, Rose Hill, Storytelling in America, Voices from the Thirties, The Scarlett Letter Radio Series, Virgil Bliss’ Daily Radio Almanac –
Producer, Director, Executive Producer
Armstrong Award, Ohio State Award, International Reading Asssociation Award, Golden “Mike” Award, Action for Children’s Television Award
4/16/2015 13:12:47 Sharon Corey Sleicher 1990-2005 No Sorry I can’t make it but it’s so nice to see all the names of the very special people of WGBH! Local Development
4/17/2015 7:40:58 Anne Damon 1973-2009 Yes
4/17/2015 7:43:23 Neil Weisbrod 1972-1978 Yes Sorry for the late RSVP. Looking forward to the event. Assistant Director, Post Production Supervisor, Director
4/18/2015 14:47:56 Marilyn Mellowes 1976-2010 Yes Producer/writer public affairs programming.
4/18/2015 16:32:49 Debra Thorburn Ashton 1978-1985 Yes Looking forward to seeing my old friends from the Development Office! Development Office/Planned Giving
4/18/2015 17:20:15 Janet McFadden 1976-1991 Yes
4/18/2015 17:46:24 Bob Nesson 1971-1996 Yes I’m excited to continue the tradition!! Still making films!! Freelance camera dept — AC, camera
Editor, freelance
Producer, many one-off locals: Waterworks, Building Boston, Central Artery, Etc etc
Many of Fred Barzyk’s wildly wacky creative programs-ideas
Nova, including early ones like Where –Colorado River?
Wgbh news – covered busing among others
And on and on!
4/18/2015 20:39:37 Merry Maisel 1962-63 No Have a great time, everyone! I live in San Diego, must go to this or WHRB reunion in Oct., guess it has to be the latter, since I spent my entire college career at WHRB…..but so did some of you who are there now, so ‘lo to y’all.
volunteer, part-time secy. to Henry Morgenthau, typed scripts for early shows in 1/2-in high type, fell from lighting scaffold into bouilliabaisse, turned pages of music in control room for David Sloss, etc., etc.
4/18/2015 21:24:53 Rebecca Eaton 1971 – Yes WGBH Radio
Catch 44
Independent film: Hot Nights; Cold Nights
At Home With…
American Playhouse: The Little Sister
4/18/2015 21:50:07 Kate Taylor 1972 – 2015 (more or less) Yes Mail Room
Local Programing
4/18/2015 22:39:21 Steve Bass 1992-1998 No Sorry I can’t be there! I value the opportunity to be part of the WGBH family. I guess I still am as I’m serving on the board of PRI. I also work with Christoper Sarson’s daughter and Michael Ambrosino’s daughter-in-law, Katrina Sarson. Have a blast at the reunion! VP/GM — WGBY/Springfield
VP/Manager of Television Stations
4/19/2015 10:08:39 Susan Dangel 1974-2005 Yes Can’t wait to see everyone. It’s wonderful just to see everyone’s names. Producer, EVENING AT POPS
Producer of many specials
4/19/2015 10:17:49 Jill Philipson 1980-1999 No I’m so sorry I can’t make it! Assistant director/editor, Evening at Pops, Local Programming
Director, Ten O’clock News, Science Gazette
4/19/2015 13:00:43 Sari Sapir 1974?-1982 No I live in Israel, and had I known about the reunion in time I would surely have come. Unfortunately, I will miss it by 2 weeks, having bought a non-refundable ticket long ago. At least I got to enjoy “visiting” the many folks I knew via the Guestbook. I send fond regards to all, and hope that some of you will come to Israel and look me up. PA/AP/Producer for NOVA; later independent producer Sapphire Productions in co-production with WGBH for series OTHER VOICES, OTHER SONGS (thanks Raquel Ortiz)
4/21/2015 14:24:14 Joe Pugliesi 1974-present Yes engineering
4/21/2015 16:31:29 Dave DeBarger 1966 – 1978 No Sorry to miss it! Urgent business has come up that prevents my attendance. Looking forward to the NEXT reunion! Production
4/22/2015 13:52:04 Joan Kelleher Casey 1982-1984 Yes Development
4/23/2015 15:41:38 Veronica Young 1976-1979 Maybe “World” precursor to Frontline: Associate Producer (staff)
NOVA Producer/Director/Writer (staff)
NOVA Freelance Episode Producer
“Americas” Episode Producer
“Race To Save The Planet” Episode Producer
“Rx For Survival: A Global Health Challenge” Episode Consulting Producer
4/23/2015 20:42:24 Leah Weisse 1997-Present Yes Media Library and Archives
4/24/2015 12:25:57 Penny Watson 1968-1978 Yes Day of Air Supervisor
Traffic Supervisor
4/26/2015 16:58:54 Michael Lutch 1977-2010 Yes Freelance photographer
Evening at Pops,masterpiece,Mystery,
Frontline,,This Old House,victory Garden
4/26/2015 21:00:41 Ned McGonagle 1982-2012 Yes Mobile unit driver. Master control
4/26/2015 21:51:36 Chip Adams 1977-1981(WGBY)1981-1994(Webb staff and freelance) Yes Maintenance Engineer
Mobile Unit engineer
Field Video & Audio engineer- This Old House, The Victory Garden, The New Yankee Workshop
4/26/2015 23:33:26 Wendy Davidson 1972-1982 Yes Looking forward to seeing the new WGBH building and all those whom I worked with that I have fond memories of. Mail Clerk
Shipping Room Supervisor
Club 44 – Bartender
Food Stylist- Julia Child & Company
Craft Service-
The Great American Fourth Of July And Other Disasters & The Star Crossed Romance of Josephine Cosnowski-Talent Coordinator
4/27/2015 10:21:07 Eileen Hughes 1996-2006 No Looking forward to catching up with the smartest, most creative people I’ve ever worked with! [I’m afraid I will not be attending afterall. ] Outreach Coordinator, Arthur, Between the Lions, Postcards from Buster.
Volunteer Manager, Auction
4/27/2015 13:20:18 Keith Luf 1998-present Yes WGBH Archives
4/27/2015 17:32:16 Jim Scherer 1976 – 1982 Yes Still photographer for “Julia Child & Company” shows and accompanying books, two seasons. Freelance.
4/27/2015 17:53:17 Tom Keller 1961-1980 Yes Director of Engieerig
4/28/2015 19:41:39 Daniele Skopek 1983-2009 Yes Design and Visual Communications
Publishing and Products
4/29/2015 10:07:22 Frank Dolan 1960’s-1990’s Yes Actor, voice talent
4/29/2015 20:33:20 Annette Posell 1979-2009 Yes Will be accompanied by Kathy Staples who served as my sign language interpreter at GBH for more than 20 years Caption Center?
Sponsorship Group for Public Television
4/30/2015 11:50:01 Cheryl Gall 1984-1997 Maybe Commercial Marketing, Armenian Journey, Science
4/30/2015 20:10:30 James Field 1967 – 1976 No Gee, I wish one of these reunions could be scheduled some time other than May — I’m never in the States then. Party on, y’all. Cameraman


  1. John Henry Moss on May 1, 2015 at 8:17 am

    This will be terrific! The reunion that is!

    • Carol JEFFERY on May 1, 2015 at 4:30 pm

      Hey, John;

      Dick Heller will be there, too. See you tomorrow morning for the first time in a very long time.

      Carol J
      BU Crew 1968-69

    • Dick Heller on May 2, 2015 at 10:51 pm


      The name we missed was Michael Cassel. Canadian and a bit mad, right?

  2. Martin Hurwitz on April 30, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    I had hoped to squeeze in a weekend in Boston for the WGBH celebration before leaving for Greece (Monday, May 4) but circumstances conspired against that plan. Please give my regards to Emily Barry Lovering and others in my circle of friends including Austin Hoyt, Russ Fortier, Boyd Estus, Bill Cosel, Olivia Tappan, Chris Sarson, Fred Baryzk et al. I’m still living in Brooklyn (47 years) and
    lead an active life.

  3. Leo Demers on March 10, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    Very much looking forward to it!

  4. Benny Krol on February 15, 2015 at 3:39 pm

    It’s just amazing to me the caliber of talented people that came through the doors of WGBH to make it the institution it has become.

  5. Steve Rogers on February 3, 2015 at 11:59 am

    Can’t wait to see everyone again. To reminisce about our experiences and accomplishments at ‘GBH.
    Many of us went on to take the professional standards we learned and apply them at other PBS stations across the country. That’s real impact!

  6. Jack Comeau on January 26, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    I’d love to see you all again. WGBH remains the place I was proudest to work. What is the reunion date?

  7. Hillary Kimmel on December 27, 2014 at 9:21 pm

    Looking forward to the reunion…40 years…wow!

  8. Hillary Kimmel on December 27, 2014 at 9:20 pm

    Looking for to the reunion….40 years…wow!

  9. Christine (Simpson) on December 23, 2014 at 8:43 am

    Can’t wait to visit with so many great people!

  10. Sheldon Goldberg on December 23, 2014 at 8:43 am

    Sounds like a real fun time Really looking forwards to seeing folks.

  11. Linda Harrar on October 9, 2014 at 10:26 am

    Looking forward to seeing many long-lost friends and colleagues!

  12. Christopher Gilbert on October 7, 2014 at 6:07 pm

    I missed the very first Reunion and was so disappointed. No Way am I missing this one!

  13. Carol Jeffery on September 20, 2014 at 7:47 am

    See you in the spring.

  14. Tommy White on September 10, 2014 at 7:28 am

    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!

  15. Olivia Tappan on September 8, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    Looking forward to this great celebration!

  16. Sixto Escobar on September 8, 2014 at 8:09 am

    Looking forward to sharing good memories and enjoy the company of my former coworkers.

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