Countdown #2 – June 2018

The final countdown with details is here.

June 23: We looking forward to seeing you on October 20!

Our guest book grows every month. Check out the people who have already said they hope to join us!

If you haven’t already sent us your RSVP, please fill out this form.

Here are some logistical matters to get out of the way.

Planning ahead


If you’re traveling from a distance, be sure to reach out to friends or get hotel reservations soon.

We’d hoped to reserve blocks of rooms but, as we noted last time, October 20 will be right in the middle of the Head of the Charles Regatta, so rooms in town are limited and expensive ($599 a night is a discounted price at the Charles in Harvard Square).

Hotels outside the central core will be more reasonable, so call today. If you are having trouble finding a place to stay, let us know and we’ll reach out to alumni in the area.


We are pleased that WGBH will be providing the atrium and theater at no charge … thank you so much! However, we will have some costs — including snacks, beverages, servers for beer and wine (cash bar), name tags, and more — so we will be asking for a $30 donation per attendee. Since this is going to be another once in a lifetime experience, $30 is a real deal! We will have an online ticket service set up soon, and we will be seeking your donations early.

Although we are focusing on the main reunion, about a dozen people expressed interest in a gathering for alumni from the 50s-70s. If you are interested in coordinating such a legacy get-together, let us know! We’ll help with promotion, and a conference room may be available at the station on reunion morning.

Getting to Know You (Again)

We’d like to start the reunion story-telling by asking you to share some of your own WGBH memories ahead of time.

Throughout the summer, we’ll be asking you to post your stories on the website. Here is the first one:

  • “What brought you to WGBH? Do you remember your first day? Your first month?”

Please post your recollections in the comments on the web page at

If you’d like to see what other alumni wrote, make sure you’re signed up to receive the weekly comments update. (If you’re already receiving updates, just go to that form and enter your name and email address. You’ll then receive a link to change the updates you’d like to receive.)

Let the storytelling begin!

Finally, at our planning meetings, we’ve been talking about ways to break the ice on Reunion day, from games to storytelling … but Michael Ambrosino suggested the best way of all:

“If you know someone, go right up to them and give a hug. If you see someone you don’t know, go on over and introduce yourself.”

Couldn’t have put it any better.

Don’t forget

  • Saturday, October 20, 2018, 12:30-5:30
  • WGBH Studios, One Guest Street, Brighton, MA
  • More information is here.

Reunion planning team

Fred Barzyk (1958–forever), Michael Ambrosino (1956–76), David Atwood (1965–80, contractor to 2005), Jay Collier (1979–86), Anne Damon (1973-2009), Sue DeMarco (1979–97), Kathryn Dietz (1976-1985), Christine Lear (1994-2003), Ros Minassian (1984–98), Sheila Simollardes (1965-72), Olivia Tappan (1960s-94). For WGBH: Henry Becton, Eric Taub. With assistance from many others!