Countdown #3 – August 2018

The final countdown with details is here.

August 23: The reunion is only 8 weeks away!

We’re really looking forward to seeing you.

  • Saturday, October 20, 2018, 12:30-5:30
  • WGBH Studios, One Guest Street, Brighton, MA
  • More details are here.

Our guest book grows every month. Check out the people who have already said they are planning to join us:

(If you responded on our Facebook event, the above lists don’t include you. Be sure to RSVP here. We can only admit those who’ve completed this online form.)

If you haven’t already sent us your RSVP, please do, even if you’re not completely certain. Do you know other alumni who aren’t on the list? Ask them to RSVP too!

Please read our previous updates — #1 in April and #2 in June — since they include logistical information we won’t repeat again this time.


You may remember that we were planning to ask for a $25-30 donation from each attendee to cover out-of-pocket costs, including afternoon food and beverages, servers for a cash beer-and-wine bar, name tags, paper supplies, and more.

Well, we’re pleased to announce that WGBH President and CEO Jon Abbott will be subsidizing those costs so there will be no fee to attend! We are grateful to Jon for this subsidy — and for Henry Becton’s continuing support — as well as making the Atrium, Theater, and Studio available for us that afternoon. Please be sure to say thank you on October 20!

Getting to Know You (Again)

We enjoyed reading your memories of your first days at WGBH in our June update. We hope you’ll contribute again this month. This time, the theme is:

“Tell us about someone from WGBH who was influential in your life”

Please post your recollections and insights in the comments section on this page. If you’d like to see what other alumni wrote, make sure you’re signed up to receive the weekly comments digest. (If you’re already receiving email updates but not the comments, just go to that form and enter your name and email address. You’ll then receive a link to add the comments digest.)

And For Something (Completely) Different

The best part of our reunions is catching up with colleagues and making new friends. However, when you’re ready to take a short break, we’re planning several optional activities for the afternoon.

  • New/Social Media. Content for every program WGBH produces is repurposed for online platforms. In this special session, you can learn how WGBH reaches new, younger, and more diverse audiences through its extensive social media presence.
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality. VR and AR are transforming the ways WGBH presents content, especially at Frontline and NOVA. Come try it out yourself! Gear will be available for demos throughout the afternoon.
  • Story Booth. We would love to hear your stories and anecdotes about your years at WGBH. We’ll have a Story Booth where you can record it on audio or video – and help us create memories for posterity!
  • Station Tours. Would you like to see the production facilities where many WGBH radio and television programs are produced and finished? Join us for a station tour throughout the afternoon.

Reunion planning team

Fred Barzyk (1958–forever), Michael Ambrosino (1956–76), David Atwood (1965–80, contractor to 2005), Jay Collier (1979–86), Anne Damon (1973-2009), Sue DeMarco (1979–97), Kathryn Dietz (1976-1985), Christine Lear (1994-2003), Ros Minassian (1984–98), Sheila Simollardes (1965-72), Olivia Tappan (1960s-94). For WGBH: Henry Becton, Eric Taub. With assistance from many others!