Thank You!

Thanks so much to the 165+ WGBH alumni, staff, guests, and students who joined us at  the 2018 Reunion on October 20!

Pictures and stories have already begun appearing in our Facebook group:

By Audrey Heyun Paek

“It was a soul-lifting afternoon!” — Eileen Hughes

“Amazing and well done on all counts.” — Mark Duffield

“What a great night!” — Christine Bradley

“Great time! What fun seeing everyone again!” — Hollis MacArthur

“Great to see everyone, Thanks!” — Alison Bassett

“It was a fun time – thanks to all!” — Chas Norton

“It was another heartwarming reunion at WGBH … forever a special place thanks to its extraordinary people! A shout out to the reunion planning committee for organizing such a memorable event and bringing us all together! For those we missed, we look forward to seeing you at the next one!” — Audrey Heyun Paek

By Christine Bradley

In addition to spending time enjoying conversation, food, and beverages with colleagues, attendees shared their stories in the Fraser sound booth, walked out onto a glacier during a NOVA VR expedition, toured the station, and watched classic WGBH programs on an installation of vintage TVs produced by the WGBH Archives and students from the Olin College of Engineering.

Jon Abbott, Henry Becton, Fred Barzyk, and Michael Ambrosino inspired alumni with stories about the DNA of WGBH, from the 1950s to today and into the future. Tory Starr shared the ‘GBH view into the transformation from broadcast to social television. Tory also hosted a Facebook Live stream that had 340+ views (as of 10/23), with alumni watching from as far away as Florida and Seattle.

By Sue DeMarco

We are grateful to Jon Abbott, who graciously subsidized the costs for attendees and allowed us to gather at the station, and to Henry Becton, who provided pivotal guidance during the planning of this event, as well as prior reunions.

Eric Taub did a masterful job coordinating the details with many WGBH staff members, including: Ana Aceves, Jane Beckstrom, Carla Borras, Karen Cariani, Sandy Chin, Julia Cort, Cindy Crosby, Casey Davis Kaufman, Justin Fulone, Sean Gigliotti, Bernie Harmon, Margaret Heffernan, Eddie Hickey, Jeanne Hopkins, Annie Husted, Alison Kennedy, Heidi Lewis, Bill Miller, Dan Murphy, Jaime Reese, and Leah Weisse.

Over the coming weeks, we will capture the pictures, video, and stories on the alumni website, so please share your thoughts in the comments box, below, and send your photos (at the highest quality possible) to . (If your e-mail service won’t allow such large files, let me know and I’ll set up a drop box for you.)

Thanks to everyone for a great day!

The Reunion Planning Committee: Michael Ambrosino, David Atwood, Fred Barzyk, Jay Collier, Anne Damon, Sue DeMarco, Kathryn Dietz, Christine Lear, Ros Minassian, Sheila Simollardes, and Olivia Tappan.


  1. Margaret reeves on October 23, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    Hi to Olivia from old college friend!

  2. Leah Weisse on October 23, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    And thank you to the planning committee for putting together such a nice event!
    As a follow up, the WGBH Archives would like to put a call out to some very generous “anonymous” donors.

    We received a Morning Pro Musica Poster, a WGBH Radio 89.7 Banner and some Channel 2 Auction coasters. We would like to give credit where it is due.

    If you left these items for us at the Reunion, please email Leah Weisse at .

    Or if you have something you want to give us, we’d appreciate that, too!

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