Nat Johnson: My Early Radio Days

Nat Johnson at WBCN

I aired, for the first time in America, a stereo broadcast of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Listeners were astounded – and generally seemed quite captivated.

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The Party XVII

237. Robert Wilson and Aida Moreno. 238. Russ Morash and Emily Lovering. 239. Bruce Bordett, Russ Morash, Emily Lovering and Basil Chigas. 240. Ron Milton and Louise Miler. 241. Tom Sumida and Nora Sinclair. 242. Bob Ferrante and Doug Smith. 243. Bob Carey, Michael Ambrosino, Tony Cherubini and Jack Summerfield. 244. Greg Harney and Marcia…

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Bob Carey Dies at 59

From Don Hallock Bob Carey was a truly multi-talented individual. Born in Melrose Massachusetts in 1941, his early radio career included producing the Speed Anderson all-night radio show at WVDA. He joined WGBH-FM in 1965 as an engineer, and became Director of Radio in 1970. After leaving the station in 1975, Bob owned and operated…

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