The Party XIV

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205. David Atwood and Bruce Bordett. 206. David Atwood shares an affectionate moment with Olivia Tappan. 207. Well….two moments. 208. Yet another shot of Peter Hoving and Chris Sarson. (Do they get residuals on these?) 209. John Henning. 210. John Henning again, POV. 211. John “Rocky” Coe and Faith Nachman Klein. 212. Gene Mackles, John Carver and Paul Solman. 213. Thea Chalow and John…

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40 years with ‘GBH


From Michael Ambrosino — 2000 My first visit to WGBH was in the fall of 1955, just after TV had gone on the air at 84 Mass Ave. in Cambridge. I was at work developing a TV master plan for the University of Connecticut at the time, and wanted a tour of one of the…

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