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Ricardo Comacho, 49, Editor for Destinos and La Plaza

From Raquel Ortiz — 3/19/2007 I am sorry to have to share this very sad news … but it seems that last week was a particularly sad one for the WGBH family. Ricardo Camacho passed away on Saturday March 10, 2007 at dawn with his brother by his side. The private funeral for his immediate…

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The Party XXI

278. Don and Von Quayle with Jack Caldwell (center). 279. Don Quayle and Henry Morganthau. 280. Judy and Jack Hurley with Helen Fox. 281. Jack and Judy Hurley with Judy Osborne (center). 282. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Conant. 283. Von Quayle, Michael Ambrosino, Lynn Cooper and Raquel Ortiz. 284. Mike Ambrosino and Lynn Cooper. 285.…

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The Party XI

176. The final speaker is Greg Harney … 177. … who, with his usual sense of humor, reminisces on the history of the (just dedicated) Greg Harney scene dock, and pays tribute to Bill and Anne Haney, the staging area’s new patrons. Play MP3 178. Frank Coakley and Joe (?). Will Joe please make himself…

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