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The Party XIX

258. Marita Rivero, Bob Carey, Judy Stoia and Greg Fitzgerald. 259. Sue DeMarco, Laurie Toth Everett and Debbie Dorsey. 260. Fred Barzyk and Nora Sinclair … 261. … doing “The Lottery.” 262.å 263. Fred Barzyk with Verne Coleman. 264. Christie Moore Millet, Michael Ambrosino, and Nancy England. 265. Ron Della Chiesa and Emily Lovering. 266.…

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The Party XVIII

248. Mai Cramer with Ron Della Chiesa. 249. Olivia Tappan, Russ Morash and Susie Doroney. 250. Gordy Mehlman and John McKnight. 251. Linda Morgenroth, Wendy Davidson and Moon Nimon. 252. Dave Coveney and Paula Apsell. 253. Ron Blau and Jean Wardle. 254. Susan Presson and Ashton Peery. 255. Henry Becton and Susan Presson 256. Bill Charrette, Paul Souza and Henry Becton. 257. John Kerr, Jim…

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The Party X

166. Don Hallock talks about the Reunion Website. 167. Don with the ‘fire relic’ Image Orthicon camera tube (circa 1960) donated by Phil Collyer. Play MP3 168. Russ Fortier. 169. Ron Della Chiesa, Marilyn Greenstein and Deb Gibbs. 170. Ted Conant with two unidentified friends. 171. On the right, Jack Summerfield. 172. Jack Foley, Tom…

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The Party II

82. Jo Madden with John Carver. 83. David Atwood and Francis Gladstone. 84. Basil Chigas, Bruce Bordett and Howard Lowe. 85. Dave Elinoff, Eliat Goldman, and Roger Macie. 86. Fred Barzyk, Aida Moreno and Ron Milton. 87. Raquel Ortiz with Lo Hartnett. 88. Ron Della Chiesa and Arnie Reisman. 89. Bob Wilson and Rick Hauser, with a little bit of Nancy Mason Hauser.…

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