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The Party: FIN

286. 287. And so it happened, for about 9 hours on a Saturday, April 4th 2000, that 53 years of WGBHers had the opportunity to reconnect with each other and reaffirm their friendship, their shared history, and their dedication to public broadcasting and enlightened media. 288. 289. Following the official event, an officially unannounced screening…

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The Preparations – Friday II

From Don Hallock (except 15 by Sean Hallock) 11. The podium. 12. The stage on which the class of ’58 will sing their song. 13. Studio B will be a screening room. 14. Studio B. 15. Studio B set up as a screening room. 16. The front hall decorated with historic WGBH images from Archives,…

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Then and Now (1955-2000)

From Don Hallock The Buildings Then: The station in 1958, occupying a rather dusty second and third floor roller-skating rink in an old brick building located opposite MIT at 84 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge. (Photo by Brooks Leffler.) In 2000, WGBH sprawled over extensive real estate near Harvard. This is the main studio building at 125…

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