Cynthia Broner

  • Years at ’GBH: 1984-2017
  • 2015-17 Senior Director of Employee Communications
  • 1987-2015 Director of Constituent Communications
  • 1984-87 Associate Director of Corporate Communications

What a great run! Such talented colleagues (many of whom now are lifelong friends)…such a creative environment…such an interesting span of years.

When I joined WGBH (as Cindy Alperowicz) from Action for Children’s Television it was before cable TV, before computers (how I loved my IBM Selectric), and before the Internet, social media, and all the rest. The first whispers of the digital revolution seemed like science fiction. How the world changed, and how ’GBH changed along with it, including in staff size (250ish to 1,200 to 800ish), location (Western Ave to Guest St), and complexity!

I began as a part-timer, writing the annual report. Over time I took on creating collateral (newsletters, brochures, invitations, et al.) for Membership, Major Gifts, Local and National Underwriting, and Board Relations. I wrote foundation proposals. I collaborated with the executive team on speeches, memos, and op-eds and collaborated on the first several iterations of

Whether I was partnering with Design/Creative on the monthly program guide, scripting public tours of our new Brighton studios, crafting capital campaign materials, or overseeing the content of the digital mural, my job was to initiate mission-driven communications strategies that strengthened visibility and support for WGBH, its national brands, and its New England-area TV, radio, and online services.

Through the years my one-man band became a department, and to my great delight, I expanded into internal communications as well as external as we launched QuickNooz (first as a weekly print publication for employees, then a daily e-bulletin) and the ’GBH intranet InnerTube. I produced Monthly Meet-Ups, SpeakEasies, and other staff events and choreographed the annual All-Staff Meeting.

My ’GBH career was challenging, stimulating, and deeply satisfying–a tremendous amount of learning and a lot of laughs. Proud to call myself an alum!