Jack Gill

I was a /WGBH scholar 1959-1960. I actually finished my degree and left to go back to Iowa State University to teach for a year. Then off to Carbondale Illinois to Southern Illinois University as a P/D to help put WSIU-TV on the air. Did lots of fun things. “The Marriage of Figaro” in cooperation with retired diva Marjorie Lawrence. “Great Conversations” hosted by Buckminster Fuller. And worked with a marvelous teacher Dr. Alice Schwartz to produce an elementary art program that won an Ohio State Award.

Such tremendous memories from GBH. Like having cutting her birthday cake and serving it to us crew members after recording “.”

At 84, I am still active and am currently producing a documentary entitled “Hospitals Are Dangerous Places.” Trying to make it Emmy quality. We will see.

“Nuff for now.