Beth Parke

  • 1974-76

I interned at HQ on in both TV and radio then worked part-time.

I served as a gopher for TV's Evening Compass, edited and managed sound effects for FM's The Spider's Web, assisted the producer and host of Pantechnicon, and was an on site assistant engineer for broadcasts of WCRB and WGBH in partnership with BSO Transcription Trust, with and .

After graduating from Boston College, I moved to Philly for graduate school at UPenn's Annenberg School, and later worked at when Bill Siemering was GM and Fresh Air was not yet syndicated.

Later I produced an independent syndicated radio series, Consider the Alternatives, and then in 1993 became founding executive director of the Society of Environmental Journalists, a membership org of journalists in all media.

Thanks for this site and all you do.