Sheila Simollardes

I joined the WGBH Educational Foundation as secretary to Michael Ambrosino in the Program Department (1965-67); then served as administrative assistant to Jack Caldwell in the Production Department (1967-68). In the course of these 3 years, I also worked in various capacities for Bob Larsen, Dave Davis, and Greg Harney.

When an opportunity arose to enter the TV studios, I jumped at the chance, my first assignment being “Artists in Television” with Rick Hauser; next was the “Zoom” pilot with Christopher Sarson; off-site work at MFA with Louise Tate and at BSO with Bill Cosel; a stint on “The Reporters” newscast with Bob Ferrante; and finally, a couple of seasons on (WGBH-KCET co-production) “The Advocates” with Russ Morash.

Spent the next 12 years at WCVB – “Channel 5 and You!” Married; moved to Harvard, MA; owned/operated an orchard; raised son and daughter to adulthood. No longer tend to the apple-growing process, but instead, dote on the grandchildren.

Have worked in research, in newspaper reporting, in retail sales, and in running a local Art Gallery known as “Cornucopia.” I’ve been events manager (Artists’ Exhibits and Music Concert series) at Tower Hill Botanic Garden — site of Worcester County Horticultural Society.

For nearly 2 decades I’ve been art interpreter of American landscapes from the Hudson River School at Fruitlands Museum in Harvard. In the town, I’ve served in the past on the Cable Committee and currently on the Warner Free Lecture Committee. I’m active in the Members Council at the Worcester Art Museum (WAM) as well as a batch of Book Groups.