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The Party XVII

237. Robert Wilson and Aida Moreno. 238. Russ Morash and Emily Lovering. 239. Bruce Bordett, Russ Morash, Emily Lovering and Basil Chigas. 240. Ron Milton and Louise Miler. 241. Tom Sumida and Nora Sinclair. 242. Bob Ferrante and Doug Smith. 243. Bob Carey, Michael Ambrosino, Tony Cherubini and Jack Summerfield. 244. Greg Harney and Marcia…

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The Party XVI

227. (?) with Connie White and John McKnight. 228. Mai Kramer and friend (?). 229. Jane Pikor with Anne Zeiser and Marilyn Greenstein. 230. Peter Trivelas, Julia Eddy and Marcia Hulley. 231. Janet McFadden and Candy Cutler. 232. Lorraine Ferguson and Elise Katz. 233. David O. Ives. 234. Paul Raila, Olivia Tappan and Steve Rogers.…

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