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I'm happy to hear about the reunion. Sadly, I can't be there, but I remember ‘GBH and all of my friends there fondly.

I'm currently teaching at U.C. Berkeley and have aired a documentary on The Classical Song of Black Composers, called “An Unsung Muse.”

I'm now writing one on Mary Ellen Pleasant, a Nantucket abolitionist and former Bostonian, who is called the Mother of Civil Rights in California.

I'm known as the foremost authority on her and am writing my fourth work on her life and I travel frequently setting up exhibits, lecturing, and doing a musical and dramatic enactments in Pleasant's own words. There's much interest in a feature film and documentary on Pleasant, so I may be again in media — who knows.

Warmest Regards — Susheel Bibbs

(Photo by Jim Dennis)

My ‘GBH History

  • 1972, TV: Talent Coordinator
  • 1973-75, Radio: The Spider's Web (Producer); Director of Music; Program Development, ‘GBH-Radio
  • 1977, TV: Executivce Producer of ZOOM
  • 1980-81, TV: Producer/development of a ‘GBH Arts Ed. Series


  1. Susheel Bibbs on March 22, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    Now have done 3 films on Mary Pleasant– One, Meet Mary Pleasant, screened at Cannes, and is still broadcast on PBS. Dreams do come true. -now working on a new film and subject.
    I toured the “new ‘GBH digs” with Henry Becton a few years back and l was so impressed. It was great to see Kate Taylor, Rebecca Eaton, Paula Apsell and other old friends. Many good memories there.

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