Susan Brennan

I worked for GBH as an audio engineer (on the TV side) circa 1979-1981 — you can see me in the Emmy photo

Working previously at WSBK TV-38 in the late 70s, I began pestering GBH’s Chief Engineer to hire me (Dave St. Onge I think; or was it Dave Crane?). I was offered an internship in the Springfield station, intended for minorities in engineering, but since I already had my FCC 1st class radiotelephone license and was doing audio for Red Sox games, I was kind of beyond that level of training.

I’d call Dave every Friday, asked whether there were any openings, and upon being told ’no,’ would ask whether he’d mind me calling the following Friday; he always graciously said “sure!”

Eventually I got hired at ‘GBH. Steve Vigneaux taught me to solder; Steve Colby, Wil Morton, Nat Johnson, and Charlie Weeks trained me as an audio engineer; and Dennis Correia trained me on master control.

I did the 10:00 News regularly, and the entire first season of This Old House on location. I also worked on Captioned News, Club 44, Pops, Symphony, some of the final episodes of Julia and Crockett’s VG, many productions in remote trucks, and other specials and shows (incl. Masterpiece Theater’s opening with Edward Gorey). I got to do audio for the Pope’s visit to Boston, and hung radiomics on politicians on pundits and politicians in their underwear for The Advocates.

I especially loved the excitment of live TV, especially the occasional close calls (I recall getting audio to work for Arthur Fiedler’s televised public service at Harvard Memorial Church moments before we went live).

I left GBH to attend graduate school at MIT, then wound up in Silicon Valley working for Atari Research, Hewlett-Packard Labs, and Apple Computer. I picked up a PhD at Stanford in 1990 and have been a professor at Stony Brook University ever since.

I’d love to hear from old colleagues (especially Aida Moreno, Johanna Lu, Margot Garrison, Carol Hugentugler, and Chas Norton). [Email.]