1. Chas Norton on November 17, 2000 at 10:06 am

    He was a truly caring person who stood out from many because of his spirit.

    He set in motion a tribute to Greg MacDonald on the Esplanade, in 1996, during a commercial break. He talked about Greg, who had been scheduled to work the show, and mentioned the way that one of the conductors of the BSO communicated the passing of a player, something like “one of our members is missing”. He then asked the crew for a moment of silence and asked me to take down the lights. He then asked the crowd to applaud as the lights came up and we went back on air live, from the Esplanade.

    The director took tight shot of Greg’s camera; the viewing audience got applause with a shot of a camera, but those of us working the show and watching the monitors felt incredibly moved and grateful to Bob for having made a wonderful tribute to our fallen brother.

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