Glenda Fishman

  • Years at WGBH: 1979-1991
  • Positions: Controller, consultant

I started at WGBH in late 1979 as Controller in the Business Office. I continued in that position after my daughter was born in May 1980, reorganizing the Business Office, helping to hire Andy Griffiths and to develop the financial and project management software system.

In 1981, I transitioned to an internal consultant role and did projects in many departments including IT, budgets, fundraising, radio, strategic planning, news, production and others. I left in 1991, making my 12 years at WGBH the longest stretch at one employer in my career.

I went on to do financial management at a consumer catalog company, an architecture firm, an international educational non-profit and since May 2010, the Huntington Theatre Company.

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