Deborah (Johnson) Gillespie

  • Positions: Worked for Mark Stevens, Chris Pullman, ZOOM, Crockett’s Victory Garden (Russ Morash), and Chuck Schuerhoff
  • Year(s) at WGBH: 1971-80


I’m living in Bloomfield Hills MI, married with 2 boys: Charles Benjamin Maldonado, 25 and Andrew Gillespie, 16.

Glad to find the website!! Still keep in touch with Janet Krause Jones, Dale Zippin.

Fun to roll back the years…visiting the site!

November 2013

Jack Caldwell mentioned that he had just gotten back from the latest ‘GBH reunion when I saw him at one of our local gatherings for LateNight America this past June.

Anyway, great fun to review the ‘GBH website and see names/faces – impossible to believe so many years have gone by.  The memories do come rolling back!

Here is what I am up to these days: trying to do my (very) small part to help my beloved and beleaguered Detroit. My mother’s side of my family, the Campaus from Montreal, settled in Detroit in 1708. And I do love this city….. so after clearing out my mother’s house recently — I found box after box of family history that sparked this thought — what can I do to help?

I created the Sibley House website with the idea of bringing back to its former grace one of Detroit’s oldest frame structures – family home of the first mayor of Detroit, Solomon Sibley — appointed in 1806. Judge Sibley is my great, great, great, great grandfather.

I am a member, and I have been volunteering for Christ Church, Detroit — neighbor and friend to the “Miss Sibley” House — as she is fondly known for almost 6 years. Happily for me, the church offices are located in the Sibley House, and even with the endless shenanigans (!) created by our resident ghost, Miss “KitsieTrowbridge (a Sibley relative), the work manages to get done.

Here’s wishing all of you the happiest of holiday seasons…..and a marvelous and fun-filled New Year.  Below, me and Sibley House.

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