Edward Gorey – in memory

From WGBH — 5/1/2000

Author and illustrator, Edward St. John Gorey, died in May at the age of 75. We in public broadcasting will remember him in connection with the distinctive title sequences for MYSTERY!, done in collaboration with filmmaker Derek Lamb.

Gorey, a truly enigmatic individual, produced over 50 remarkable, darkly humorous and disturbing writings, among them The Doubtful Guest, The Loathsome Couple, The Curious-sofa, Sopping Thursday, and The Glorious Nosebleed.

In an article of remembrance appearing in Animation World Magazine, co-authored with Tracie Smart, Derek remarks that Gorey’s work “…seemed inspired by the worst of human nature and of the highest forms of art. This was the contradiction I believe Gorey presented in his work, and he did it over and over. As readers we become enticed with the sheer brilliance of his art … then to find he’s delivering us a reminder of the darkest sides of ourselves…”

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