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Larry Creshkoff

I was also saddened to learn of the death of John LaBounty. He and I worked together on many remotes — usually taped for subsequent editing and broadcast — in the pre-historic, pre-TV days. During the years from 1951, when WGBH-FM first went on the air, to the early months of 1955, the station was located at Symphony Hall in Boston. At Symphony Hall, we used three separate spaces. The studio was on the 2nd Floor in a room that used to be a musical instrument museum. All programming, production, and engineering personnel worked there. We also had access to… Read more »

Nat Johnson

As an engineer, I was frequently grateful to John for his help and patience; he always had time for whatever was required.

John was one of the great WGBH characters and as John Kerr put it so well, one of those “bedrock people who built WGBH.”
I’ll always remember John plodding resolutely down the hallways, that intent look on his face (some might have misinterpreted it as a scowl) and then the shy grin whenever I teased him about looking “so darn serious!”

A kind and gentle soul.

John Kerr

It was sometime in 1960. I was working Master Control on a Monday night with Bob Hall as Engineer in the old studio at 84 Massachusetts Avenue. Bored between breaks, Bob and I decided to repatch things so when the director pushed a button in “A Control” behind us, the entire bank of monitors in front of him and us would lock in on one image. The poor guy pushed the button, the monitors locked, he panicked, we laughed. We were kids. It might have been Russ or Don Clark who was directing, I can’t remember. One of many silly… Read more »